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Solution Partner Summits Sweep Across Europe

Over the past 30 days, members of the Magento executive and sales team traveled to Paris, London, Copenhagen, Germany, and the Netherlands for Partner Summits, where they with met over 60 Magento Solution Partners.

At each summit, everyone came with the same goal in mind— to work collaboratively to develop a plan to drive the best in class products and service offerings that will support the rapid growth that we have all experienced over the past year. With this as our goal, we listened to our Partners ideas for improvements, as well as shared our own.

We came away from each summit impressed by the substantial growth of our partners' businesses and their ongoing success. There were common themes, such as the growing Magento demand and success with larger enterprise customers, compliments about our support group's growth and communications, interest and excitement about the eBay announcement, and at the same time a sense that partners have forged strong and lasting relationships with other partners in their own country.

We are using what we learned from these summits to expand the resources used to support our Solution Partners, develop a greater demand for Magento, and improve Partner sales and technical competency.

Needless to say, we surpassed our initial goal, and this round of meetings proved to be more successful and valuable than we expected.

Keep a lookout for a Solution Partner Summit near you!

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