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Hey, it’s my first week as a heavily contributing member and moderator for Magento Answers and I am very happy to join such a great project. So what’s going on now? Loads of questions! It’s nice to see the participation in our community with Magento Answers—which helps people to easily get their business started with Magento. Right now on Answers, we have over 500 discussions with over 6000 community members checking in, researching and discussing Magento Answers. That’s awesome!

We have a good stream of interesting questions too for example: What is the best way to update a Theme for a newer Version of Magento is a very good question and I’m interested to hear what you think could be the best way to do that?

Just a fast reminder: Please folks - don’t forget to topic your questions as it helps everybody to find and follow questions of interest. Make sure the topics are detailed enough to get good and valuable answers from all experts in that topic field.

For the last few days, I’ve been reading and answering really tight questions, which has forced me also to take a close look into front-end, back-end and also hundred and thousand lines of Magento code. We all learn from Magento Answers. I really appreciate the help of our community and love the success of Magento Answers!

See you @ Answers grin—Rico

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