Passions Run Deep for Magento Imagine eCommerce Worldwide Conference

And this is why the Magento Community Rocks!

Wow!  I am blown away.  The Magento Community continues to amaze me, and the desire among community members to attend Magento’s upcoming Imagine eCommerce WorldwideConference in February is just another example!

Last month we announced the Show Us Your Magento Passion contest.  We asked everyone in the Magento ecosystem - customers, community members, partners, merchants and even employees - to express their feelings for Magento or explain how Magento has impacted their lives and businesses through a creative photo or short video.  The best entries are chosen by popular vote, and winners will receive prizes ranging from an all-expenses paid trip to Imagine to a fun Magento Swag-bag, filled with great Magento gear (no, Magento employees are not eligible to win).

The entries we’ve received to-date are just amazing.  Here is a quick preview of just a few of the many creative ways people have illustrated their Magento passion:




If you’re planning to attend Magento’s Imagine eCommerce Conference, I encourage you to create your own photo of video showcasing your Magento passion, and ask your colleagues, friends and family to vote for your submission.  Submissions with the most votes win.  Who knows, maybe your conference pass or even your entire trip will be free!

If you are unable to join us at Imagine this year, we encourage you to submit a photo or video anyways.  Magento will feature photos and videos of our choosing at the Imagine conference, not to mention the swag-bag of Magento gear is very cool!  In either case, make sure to visit the Show Us Your Magento Passion website and vote for your favorite submission.

To learn more about Magento’s Imagine eCommerce Conference, please visit our conference web site at


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at rhonda at magento dot com