New Version of 1.1 Public Alpha Available via SVN

A new Version (1.1.x.11) of 1.1 Alpha release is now available through SVN.

The list of Magento Version 1.1 upcoming features that we discussed earlier is detailed here with the specifics of what is now in the Alpha branch:

1. Admin UI improvements

2. Web Services API: The Catalog, Orders and Customers API are available now. We will release the web-services API documentation over the next few days.

3. Virtual Products

4. Custom Defined Product Options:

5. Bundled Products:

6. Improved support for EU and Canadian taxes

7. New customer attributes such as prefix and suffix, D.O.B etc...

8. Magento system messages bar added to admin

Please note that these features are still in development and are not for use in a production environment.

There are also additional smaller features and bug fixes available in the 1.1 trunk, please keep an eye on the list in STATUS.txt in the 1.1 branch root folder.

We greatly appreciate your feedback and suggestions in this forum topic.

Magento 1.1 stable release is scheduled for mid to late July and more information will be made available shortly.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Priorities can change and features may be moved to later releases. We know how important these features are to merchants, but we advise you to not make any serious business decisions based on an unreleased feature. Varien does reserve the right to change this list, and cannot assume responsibility for any loss that might come from a late or unreleased feature.