New Platforms and Features Added to Magento Mobile

iPad and Android Join the Magento Mobile Family

Magento Mobile native application support for Android and iPad are now available. With support for mobile web and native applications, merchants are positioned to take advantage of mobile growth from either channel with an intuitive user experience that dynamically adjusts the look and feel according to the specific device capabilities. Many merchants continue to extend their brand into Mobile, engaging with customers in new ways and learning even more about their customers purchase habits.

This latest release of Magento Mobile is packed with some great features and integration with other technologies. The latest releases of Enterprise, Professional and Community have the mobile administrator pre-integrated making it simple to manage the mobile application without the need for a separate extension.

Push Notification Service with Urban Airship

The Magento Mobile iPhone offering is pre-integrated with push notification service from Urban Airship. This product enables merchants to increase the engagement level they have with their customers by providing them with timely product updates, sales promotions and other targeted marketing. Once a merchant signs up for the Urban Airship service, Magento provides the tools necessary to create and distribute messages using the service.

Magento Payment Bridge Supported on Magento Mobile

Magento Mobile is integrated with the Magento Payment Bridge to manage transactions with your payment gateway and simplify PCI compliance.

Mobile Marketing Goes Social

Magento Mobile supports sharing product information with all common social media including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Consumers using a Magento Mobile store application can share information about their favorite online stores with friends using their social networks.

Zooming In with Magento Mobile

Image zooming capabilities are now even better with Magento Mobile. The server side supports bigger images and provides dynamic image resizing according to the device resolution. Clients can further zoom in on product details and get the information they need to make a decision.