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Meet the Man behind Magento 2 at Magento Developers Paradise


Meet Magento System Architect Dmitriy Soroka

Dmitry is the lead system architect and a member of the Magento Core Team. Here at Magento headquarters in LA he is leading the way in the creation of the next generation of Magento to take us well into the future.

Dmitiriy would like to invite you to Magento Developers Paradise, in Ibiza, Spain June 4th-7th, where he will be speaking on Magento 2. With a timetable of production release by mid to end of 2012, Magento 2 development is underway. Magento Developers Paradise is the only place where you can get a sneak preview of improvements and goals we have set for M2 from the lead architect himself! We look forward to seeing you there.


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