March 22, 2010 CAB Meeting Wrapup

The Magento CAB had a meeting this past Monday.  The agenda was to set dates for the rest of 2010, to decide on a structure for future meetings, to discuss some recent happenings and to talk about future events.

We are in the process of setting up some pages on the community site dedicated to the CAB, to have profiles of the CAB members with contact information, to show meeting dates and post logs and changes.  Look for these pages to come online soon.  The CAB has decided on the following dates for our remaining 2010 meetings:

Monday April 19th
Monday May 17th
Monday June 21st
Monday July 19th
Monday August 23rd
Monday September 20th
Monday October 18th
Monday Novermber 22nd
Monday December 20th.

The structure for the future meetings will be to open up with the agenda which will include a review of prior meetings and tasks.  Afterwards we will discuss new topics which have been pre-submitted by CAB members or any community member to the members of the CAB.  Following this, we will open to floor to any other discussion anyone wishes to bring up.

For this month’s meeting we discussed three main topics.  The Community Roadmap, the recent issues with the forums (which I will post a separate post about) and lastly, upcoming Magento events. 

1) For the Community Edition roadmap, we have selected 6 features from your uservoice submissions and sent them to the core team for feedback on how feasible it would be to implement these features in the next release.  Based on their feedback, we will make final decisions.  The features selected are:

- Edit order without creating a new one

- Custom order statuses

- Return Merchandise Authorization

- Improve the Webservice / XML RPC API

- Gift Certificates and Cards for Community Edition
Gift Certificates/Gift Cards for community edition

- Multi-Store SEO URLs

- Better Import Functionality


- Removal of Javascript requirements for Front End.

We expect to hear back from the core team within 10 days and be able to make final decisions as to which features we would like on the roadmap shortly thereafter and then finalize our recommendations at the next CAB meeting.

2) The Magento forums had been attacked by a SPAM botnet at the end of last week which was attempting to post an estimated message every second.  The forums were flooded and the server was having a hard time keeping up with the load.  We took this as an opportunity to improve the forums all around.  We cleaned out the spam, integrating re-captcha to make it less easy to spam and also took the change to optimize the database.  I will make a separate post detailing what happened, who did it, and the changes and improvements we have made.  In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the speed up you will see in the forums.  We are devoting more resources to the forums as well to help make some much needed upgrades to support the community’s continued growth.

3) We have a few events coming up.  You can find more information on the events page here:  These are mostly events in Europe, so I was glad to announce that we will be focusing more on the US community in the coming months as well and are working on plans to put together a good number of US events so that we can meet the US community and give everyone a chance to meet each other and interact as well.  If you would like to help host a local event, sound off in the comments and/or email me at .

We also have Magento Developers Paradise taking place in April, and this event will be all English and open to developers from around the world.  We have developers coming from all over the world, from places as far as New Zealand! There are still a few slots left so please sign up as we expect the event to be sold out soon.

That’s the wrap up for now.  Stay tuned for more information and enjoy the weekend!

Koby wink