Magento’s First Community QA Day!

The CAB has been hard at work behind the scenes, planning some new initiatives for the community.  Today, I am glad to announce that next Thursday, 23 April will be our first Community QA Day.  Many community members who have contacted us over the last few weeks have been eager to get involved and most seem to have expressed an interest in helping contribute to quality assurance, since thats something that even a newbie can participate in and have an immediate effect.  After many discussions and some tweaking on the backend, we have something planned--A Field Trip!! 

We are going hunting--Bug Hunting!

Our first QA Day is going to be centered around working on the bug tracker and bugs themselves.  A large part of the development bottleneck revolves around the bug tracking system, and finding, verifying and fixing bugs.  Many bugs come in as duplicate and require much time to close, others require even more time to verify.  As our first community QA effort we thought there would be nothing easier and more valuable to contribute time and effort to amongst the other activities taking place that day.

If you are interested in being involved, please with a subject line of “Community QA Day #1”, so that we can start organizing ourselves.  The schedule calls for us to get started at a bright and early 6AM Pacific Time, which is 9AM on the east coast and 1PM/13:00 if youre in Europe/UTC.  More details will be forthcoming, probably over the weekend, when our plans and (online) gathering spot are finalized.  Until then, save the date, mark your calendars and synchronize watches!

Koby smile