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Magento Store Mobile Previewer Launch

With the launch of Magento Store Mobile, now you can preview your Magento Mobile Application in advance of even purchasing a subscription. Magento Mobile now provides a free iPhone previewer application, available in the Apple iTunes Store.

The Magento Store Mobile app is a fully functional Magento Mobile iPhone application that allows you to preview all aspects of your Magento mCommerce store including categories, products and styling. The only exception is the omission of the checkout functionality.

To use the preview application, first make sure that you have installed the Magento Mobile extension from Magento Connect. The extension is compatible with all editions of the Magento platforms including Community, Professional, and Enterprise.

After installing the Magento Mobile Application, login to your admin panel, configure a new application or use your existing application. Under the Mobile Panel, you can add a new app in the Manage Apps area and set the styling information including your logo and home screen banner. Upon saving, an application code will be created (used in Magento Store Mobile previewer's settings described below).


Then you can setup the preview application on your iPhone to see your changes. Install the Magento Store Mobile on your phone directly or using iTunes.

image To point the Preview Application at you store, go to the iPhone Setting to set your store information. Scroll down to the Magento App and click.

After installing Magento Mobile Application, login to your admin panel and click "Add App" in Manage Apps under Mobile tab. Enter your App Information in the content form and upload default images within Design tab, such as Logo in Header; Banner on Home Screen; and App Background. Upon saving, a random application code will be created to be used in Magento Store Mobile previewer's settings.

For the Store URL, add your full domain name appending the "xmlconnect" directory (e.g. For the Application Code, enter the application code from the Magento Mobile tab in Admin panel. In order to preview the new site entered, your must quit Magento Store Mobile iPhone app and relaunch.

Magento Mobile extension is compatible with all Magento platforms, such as Community Edition, Professional Edition, and Enterprise Edition.

Following are the default screen captures of Magento Store Mobile.

Magento Store Mobile Screenshots

image image image image

Magento Mobile Application in Action

Below is a real life example of a Magento client promoting their mCommerce site with Magento Mobile. Danner, maker of 'Expert's Choice' for durable and lightweight work boots, uniform boots, and even military boots among others, launched their Magento Store mCommerce app on August 2010.

After switching to Magento, Danner followed their initiative of enhancing user experience by offering their first mCommerce feature on iPhone utilizing Magento Mobile, which integrates with the eCommerce counterpart powered by Magento Enterprise.

Following are screen captures of their customized iPhone app using Magento Store Mobile

Browse and Slider Screenshots

image image image image

Account and Shopping Cart Screenshots

image image image image

imageExperience the Danner's mCommerce iPhone App yourself by downloading it today.

See your store in iPhone using Magento Store Mobile

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