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Magento @ Next Conference 2011 Berlin


Nestled in a rustic train station in Berlin Germany over 1000 people from across the world, 155 of them speakers, gathered at the Next Conference to talk creation and relevance, business development and innovative marketing, all in the name of Data Love.

Next Conference Highlights

  • In the spirit of the Data Love theme, Magento’s VP & GM of Europe and Middle East Asia Michel Goossens, gave a presentation on pulling data to analyze customer purchases and behavior so that Magento based rules can be created to customize a web store’s segmentation and offering using the data realized. While Michel was speaking, our all-star Magento Paris marketeer Sophie Camberou answered questions and showcased the Magento brand from our styled out booth.
  • Magento finally got to rub elbows with OTTO, next commerce, and SinnerSchrader. Thank you all for making bringing your experience to Next. We would also like to give a special thank you to Managing Director of next commerce Moritz Koch as well as CEO of SinnerSchrader and co-chairman of the Next conference Matthias Schrader.
  • Magento President Bob Schwartz even learned how to get in shape from Tim Ferris, the impressively intense author of New York Times bestseller “The 4 Hour Body.”

Great event, great people, great sponsors, and great speakers. Go Data Love and Go Go Magento.

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