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Magento Mobile Webinar Recap

With thousands of registrants, yesterday’s one-hour webinar for Magento mobile generated quite a bit of interest within the community.  The webinar was led by Tim Schulz, Magento’s Senior Product Manager who heads up Magento mobile and Magento Connect.  Tim made announcements about the product features, timelines and pricing. 

If you missed the webinar, or you’d like to watch it again, we’ve made the recording available here.


The webinar kicked off with an explanation of how mobile is a key part of Magento’s goal to become platform that enables all commerce.  With the recent growth rate of mobile commerce, also known as “mCommerce”, Magento is making a big move to make retailers successful in this emerging channel.  Tim also spoke about the need for merchants to invest in both native applications and mobile-optimized browsers (or WAPs).  Magento introduced one of the first WAP sites for the iPhone in 2008, and has continued to offer it free of charge under an open-source license.  Since then, native applications had had a significant and growing influence in mCommerce.  Magento mobile makes it easy for our merchants to create branded, integrated native applications for mobile devices, beginning with the iPhone and expanding to Android and the iPad in the months ahead.

The webinar also covered:
• An overview of Magento-mobile product
• Product benefits & features
• Future devices & features
• Pricing

Tim then shared compelling stats with the group:

Quick Facts:
• By 2012, Mobile Internet Usage will be greater than PC Internet Usage
• By 2011, 1 in 4 mobile users will purchase an item on their phone (making mCommerce a “mainstream activity”)
• Coda Research Consultancy predicts online sales via mobile devices will increase tenfold over the next 5 years.


Key Facts:
• Magento mobile for the iPhone is coming in mid-July
• Android is coming this summer
• iPad arrives this Fall
• The most significant expense for mobile commerce is the complex systems-integration development.  Magento will release this product, the “Magento mobile admin”, for Free next month
• For the native application itself, there are two pricing options:
1. “Lease” (Magento maintains the iPhone app code and submits to iTunes). $799 one-time setup fee + $699 annual fee
2. “Buy” (You receive the source code to add new features, make modifications, submit under your own account, etc.$6,999)

Take a look at what Magento mobile can offer you (more details here)


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