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Greetings Magento community!  By now, I’m sure you’ve heard quite a bit from us about the launch of our new mobile-commerce product, Magento Mobile.  Today, I wanted to share some of the great press that the product has received over the last two weeks. 

A special thanks goes out to the several merchants who have already signed up.  For those of you who haven’t yet, be sure to get started soon in order to build your mobile user base in time for the holiday season! 

“You can no longer call yourself a full turnkey e-commerce platform if you don’t support mobile apps”


“To combat the budgetary problem (associated with developing and deploying a native mobile app), American e-commerce platform provider Magento has released its mobile app solution, Magneto Mobile. This mobile commerce platform enables merchants to convert online shops into apps, using a template white-label app design, and brands it with their logo and colours.”

WIRED Magazine (UK)

“Magento identified the problem of many Online retailers not wanting to bother with creating their own mobile strategy, which most likely involves costly mobile application development for numerous platforms….the white-label solution aims to fill a void and make it easier for retailers to enter the mobile realm”

Mobile Marketing Watch

“Building on Magento’s ecommerce innovations, Magento Mobile gives retailers the tools to reach their mobile customers. With the total value of mobile payments expected to rise to $170 billion by year’s end, now is a crucial time for merchants to seize the opportunity and break down one of the toughest barriers to mobile commerce”

Bill Zielke, PayPal Blog

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