Magento is More Popular than eCommerce!

Magento continues its rapid climb to the top of the eCommerce ladder.  With the recent release of Magento Enterprise Edition and the upcoming release of Version 1.4 of Magento Community Edition, over 1.5 Million downloads, thousands of visitors to the site each day, over 175,000 community members and some of the world’s best designed eCommerce sites on Magento, Magento is poised for a very successful 2010.


Our friend’s over at Inchoo decided to look at some trends and according to Google, the term Magento has become more popular than eCommerce!  This is all in just over 2 years since Magento’s debut--a great sign of Magento’s and the community’s rapid growth.  From Inchoo:

Somewhere in March of 2009 – less then a year ago – terms “magento” and “ecommerce” became equal and from there on, Magento took the leading position. There… is significantly bigger amount of articles (or news references) about the term “ecommerce” then there is about “magento” and despite this, Magento still manages to attract more search traffic.

How does Magento stand against other Open Source shopping cart platforms?  Take a look for yourself.


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