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Magento in ‘Der Handel’ Magazine (German)


The German retailer focused magazine, Der Handel, covered Magento as part of its open source special issue in March, 2009:

Jack Wolfskin, Yves Rocher, and TimeOut have all built their websites using Magento, an open source e-commerce solution first released in March 2008. Unlike other ecommerce software, Magento is innovative in its design and functionality. The platform has a well thought out architecture and allows for the creation of multiple stores managed from one website. Netresearch, Magento’s first Platinum Partner , says “Magento gives merchants control and flexibility to create their online stores”. It also has many features to enhance marketing and SEO, and includes integration with other specialized software solutions. Magento keeps focused on the customer’s experience making it a dynamic and exciting e-commerce solution.

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