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‘Magento gives me an opportunity to focus on marketing instead of solving technical issues’

Record breaking month ... and without going all the way with extra new marketing features as SEO optimization, landing page optimization, A/B testing etc., the “simple” change we made from Intershop to Magento has almost doubled our orders, and increased our revenue by 50-60%, this happened literally overnight.

The power of layered navigation, and one page checkout are a large part of this increase. My prediction for the coming year is that it will be 4 to 5 times better, the main flaws in our website do not lie anymore in the shopping engine but in my design, landing pages, call to action pages etc, promotions etc. But the fact that Magento gives me an opportunity to focus on marketing instead of solving technical issues is a conversion booster by itself.

The costs savings that Magento brings are so obvious ... People were so utterly frustrated working with the our older platforms backend with so many technical issues. All that is solved now with Magento. The ease of use, the fact that it is working, I’m not kidding, my employees tell me everyday how great the software works!

So IMHO, I see no reason for any(!) company to NOT choose Magento against a Hybris or an Intershop, seeing the plugins made by the community and the growing number of industrial partners and the fact that you are only one year and half really on your way.

Filip E., Mini Republic

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