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Magento Enterprise Edition Version 1.7 Feature Roadmap


Coming in Q4 2009, the next update to Magento Enterprise edition will offer some impressive features that continue to empower you to provide a superior online shopping experience for your customers. Current Magento Enterprise Edition subscribers receive all this and more as part of your subscription. If you are a current customer with questions, please open a support ticket and our dedicated support team will get back to you.

The next version of Magento Enterprise Edition features enhancements a Reward Points System, will allow you to better engage customers and increase customer loyalty. Also in the next update to Magento Enterprise Edition are new performance optimizations that provide significant benefits for merchants of all sizes along with performance boosts for Sales Reports and some new functionality in our CMS+ Engine and Magento Widgets to help you with organizing, categorizing and displaying content.

Here is an in depth view of what you can expect to see in the next version of the Magento Enterprise Edition.

Reward Points System

Reward Points functionality allows an online merchant to implement unique programs designed to enhance user experience and increase customer loyalty. Points are awarded based on wide range of transactions and customer actions and easily managed through the back end.

  • Value of points determined through a simple dual exchange rate (currency to points and/or points to currency)
  • Set exchange rate values per customer or group
  • Points system is fully manageable by the administrator through the backend with full view of all current balances, limitation on spending (i.e. minimum accrual), points history
  • Administrator can modify balances, add and remove points, acquire and spend points on behalf of customers and more
  • Customers can earn points based on transactions, for example:
    • For every $100 spent, earn 10 reward points
    • Purchase product(s) from brand Y, with a total order amount of $1,500 and earn 150 reward points
    • Buy product X and earn 500 reward points
  • Customers can earn points based on user activity, such as:
    • newsletter sign-up
    • invitations
    • invitation conversions
    • tag submission
    • review submission
  • Customers can use points at checkout or apply points via admin orders created in the backend
  • Customers can easily manage their earned reward points through “My Account” and have a clear view of how many points they have, how many they can redeem and when they expire

Performance Optimizations

Highly Tuned Page Performance

New performance optimizations provide significant benefits for merchants of all sizes through a new Full Page Caching module. This new module provides a highly efficient browsing experience for any eCommerce site, and especially for sites that receive heavy traffic or have traffic peaks. The optimizations, which together with other performance-enhancing functionality already in Magento, significantly reduce page load times, increase conversions, and enhance the customer browsing experience.

Other Planned Features

  • Administrator Log Entry Details
  • Sales Reports Performance Optimization
  • Order Status in Sales Report
  • Admin Page Titles
  • Store Contact Information (System Configuration)
  • WYSIWYG Editing for Products, Categories, and email templates
  • Design Theme & Packages Facilitation
  • Content Staging for Widgets
  • Standalone Widget Instances
  • Common Block and Template for Hierarchy and Catalog Pagination
  • Hierarchy Chapter and Section Meta-links (CMS)
  • Hierarchy Management Page Locking (CMS)
  • Hierarchy Menu Redesign (CMS)
  • Custom Variables for use in email templates and CMS
  • Style Separation in email templates

Also Planned for 2010

  • Magento Secure Payment Bridge
  • Gift Registry
  • Subscription Management
  • Workflow
  • Multiple Warehouse Support
  • Backorders (full)
  • RMA Support
  • Reporting Integration
  • Improved Search
  • And lots more
For more information on current and future features of Magento Enterprise Edition, click to visit the Magento Enterprise Edition home page and/or contact us with any questions.
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