Magento Enterprise Edition Q3 Feature Preview

Coming in Q3 2009, the next update to Magento Enterprise edition will offer some impressive new features that empower you to provide an online shopping experience to your customers that is a cut above the rest.  Of course, current Magento Enterprise Edition subscribers receive all this and more as part of your subscription.  If you are a current customer with questions, please open a support ticket and our dedicated support team will get back to you.

The next version of Magento Enterprise Edition features enhancements such as a Rich Merchandising Suite, will allow you to better target specific customer segments for marketing personalization, offer special deals based on customer segments and suggest similar and related products.

Also in the next update to Magento Enterprise Edition, the eagerly anticipated CMS+ Enhanced Content Management System.  With content and commerce becoming a vital combination for creating rich online shopping experiences, Magento Enterprise Edition will now include a CMS with comprehensive functionality to create and manage dynamic and static content. This includes a WYSIWYG editor, page hierarchy and menu support for content and the introduction of widgets for adding configurable blocks of content to your pages.

Here is an in depth view of what you can expect to see in the next version of the Magento Enterprise Edition.

Rich Merchandising Suite (RMS)

Targeted Customer Segmentation

Segment customers into groups and optimize marketing initiatives by identifying specific customers groups by characteristics and/or value.

Targeted Merchandising

Effective, targeted merchandising is proven to increase sales. Magento’s Rich Merchandising Suite, will provide online merchants the tools required to ensure success by suggesting products for customers and equipping customers with the resources needed to increase the average order value (AOV).

Targeted Marketing Personalization Zones

Personalize the customer experience and increase conversations, by providing targeted, rules driven promotional marketing banners tailored to each customer segment.

CMS+, Enhanced Content Management System

Content and Commerce often go hand in hand and Magento’s CMS+ system will provide comprehensive functionality to build complex content pages. New functionality will include:

For more information on current and future features of Magento Enterprise Edition, including feature videos showcasing Enterprise Edition functionality, click visit the Magento Enterprise Edition home page and/or contact us with any questions.