Magento Developer Certification Exams Now Available Worldwide


In October, Magento launched the beta version of the Magento Certified Developer exam. Dozens of experienced Magento developers flocked to the X.commerce Innovate 2011 Conference – and to several other beta exam locations around the world – to take the exam. Many of them earned passing grades, becoming the world’s first Magento Certified Developers.

Beta Exam at X.commerce Innovate 2011 Conference

With the successful beta behind us, we are excited to announce the global launch of our Certification program. Now, developers can take the Magento Certified Developer exam at over 5,000 Prometric Testing Centers worldwide.

Find out how to register, prepare for, and take the certification exam on the Magento U Certification website.

What you should know about Magento Developer Certification:

We’ve made it easy for developers to purchase vouchers, download study guides, and register to take the exam. Visit the Magento U Certification website to learn more about Magento Developer Certification and how it can help your business.