Magento Connect reaches 1,999 Extensions, and we’re giving away prizes to find number 2,000!


Magento Connect is growing up.  It seems like only yesterday that our extension marketplace went live after a 36-hour coding marathon that left at least one of our developers completely exhausted.  Magento Connect has since skyrocketed to nearly 2,000 extensions, and because the community has been an essential part of this growth, we thought it would be fitting to celebrate by launching a contest to find & announce our 2,000th extension.  The three winners will be declared in the news section of our official iPhone app (we’ll also post the names here on our blog).

Ever since we first launched Magento Connect just under two years ago we’ve seen developers from around the world bring hundreds of innovative solutions to our over 40,000 merchants.  Merchants have responded favorably, especially as they’ve needed to reach customers through new channels such as mobile and social media (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace), upgrade the designs of their storefronts, and integrate third-party solutions with the Magento platform to stay ahead of the curve.

Our 2,000th extension is just around the corner, and we’re launching a contest where three lucky winners will receive each the following prizes:

Official Magento User Guide

All three winners will receive their very own copy of the Official Magento User Guide, which has received excellent reviews and comprises 200+ pages of detailed instructions addressing the platform’s innumerable functions.

Official Magento T-Shirt

When Magento Connect first launched, our exhausted developer was wearing more on his shoulders than just the pride of developing an excellent marketplace.  Each of the three winners will receive an Official Magento t-shirt, and if you’d like, you can have it signed by our CEO, Roy Rubin

Sneak Peek:  New Magento Connect Design

We’ve been secretly working away on a new redesign for Magento Connect, and the three lucky winners will have the chance to see it before anyone else (and even provide us with some feedback).

First, watch the counter at the bottom of our View All Extensions page, and check the first-listed extension when the counter reaches 2,000.  Note that some extensions might be updated around the same time, so you’ll need to make sure that the extension you submit is indeed a brand-new extension (hint: it won’t have any reviews or downloads).

Second, tweet the name and link of the 2,000th extension to our official Magento Connect twitter account (@magentoconnect).  The first three people who tweet the correct 2,000th extension will win all three of the above prizes. 

Finally, we’ll announce the names of the three winners on the news section of our official Magento iPhone app (available here).  If you don’t have an iPhone, then don’t worry.  Shortly after the announcement on our iPhone app we’ll also post the names of the three winners here on the Magento Blog.  Be sure to check for your name and respond within 48 hours or we’ll need to award the prizes to the next person in line. 

If you’d like to collaborate on this project or share updates with the community, be sure to use the #Connect2000 hashtag on twitter. 

Good luck!