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Magento Connect Extensions for Facebook Integration


Magento Enterprise Partners Optaros have recently released a Magento Connect extension called Facebook Connect Social Shopping which allows you to integrate social shopping via Facebook with your Magento storefront.  Ever seen a cool item and wished you could ask your friends what they thought before you went ahead an decided to buy? Then this extension is definitely for you!  Check out this video for a quick run through.

There is another Facebook Connect Magento module which allows you to use registration data from Facebook for users coming to your site, notify them of order updates via Facebook notifications and much more.

Also, check out the Facebook Link module from aheadWorks, which enables some pretty cool functionality such as wall posts to customers’ walls when they complete an order and allows them to offer their friends personal recommendations on items they have purchased.

What do you think about integration social networks and Magento?  What features would you like to see next?

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