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An all new community translation tool is now available to make translating Magento to different languages as easy as possible.

This powerful in-line tool allows to work on a live interface and create translations, or suggest alternatives to existing translations. Translations can now be voted on as well and the moderators will be able to select the most appropriate suggestion.

There are now 3 ways to translate your language:

  1. Translate strings broken down by module via our Full String List tool
  2. Use the in-line translation live interface (much like the in-line translation tool on a local installation of Magento), to add and vote for suggestions.
  3. Download the complete package.

We will soon add the ability for moderators to make the translations available through Magento Connect.

If you’d like to get involved or don’t see your locale listed or if you have any problems or suggestions for the new tool, please contact us.

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