Magento and Pod1 UK eCommerce Forum


On January12th members of the Magento Team and UK Magento Enterprise Partners Pod1 hosted a forum attended by a group of people who influence the eCommerce decisions of many of the UK’s leading retailers.  The meeting was organised to help in the exchange of knowledge and ideas about what UK retailers are looking for from an eCommerce platform, how Magento might meet their needs, and the potential obstacles to Magento’s uptake.

What are retailers in the UK looking for in an eCommerce platform?  How are they planning to establish or enhance their online channels?

For many retailers, it’s clear that the eCommerce team is small and busy, which has high targets and high expectations set for it. Any eCommerce platform needs to help the team do complex, powerful things with ease.

Mark Hopwood of Pod1 did a great write up of the get together and you can read it all here.