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Magento 0.7.14800 Available for Download

We are happy to announce the availability for download of Magento Preview version 0.7.14800. The major highlights of the release include the mass/batch grid updates (see related blog post), order editing and canceling through the administrative interface, and a new installation process.

* Please note (important): The payment module checkout functionality has been redeveloped for PayPal Website Payment Pro, PayFlowPro and If you are using previous versions, we strongly recommend upgrading to the latest version.

New Functionality

  • Add support for Magento PEAR channel installation and upgrades of Magento Connect extensions. Including a bootstrap installation process
  • Limit shipping methods per country
  • Client side Credit Card validation per type
  • Order edit and cancel
  • Add/edit gift messages in admin
  • Ajax session expiration handling
  • Mass grid updates for customers and products
  • Reworked system configuration
  • Send product to a friend with support for limited access and number of recipients.
  • Polls visibility per store
  • Shipping status tracking using API for the various shipping methods (support for full tracking information will be added in future releases)
  • URL rewrites GUI

Enhancements and Bugfixes

  • Payment module checkout functionality redone for: PayPal Website Payment Pro, PayFlowPro and
  • Fixed cache lifetime and set cache by default during install, fixed cache options save
  • Added installModuleSystemDefaults for installing default values for fields
  • Fixed wrong target url in rewrites
  • Fixed bug with moving product to shopping cart from ordered items and with address saving in order creation
  • Product attribute saving bug fix
  • Minor install fixes
  • Fixed email sending problems when an order was saved
  • Multi shipping progress bar fixed
  • Wishlist ‘click here’ link fixed
  • Fixed problems with retrieve store configuration
  • Fixed automatic base dir calculation
  • Fixed vote timing in poll module
  • Fixed paygate config - added use CCV option for and payflowpro
  • Changed include_path order
  • Moved system/filesystem/* fields data to config.xml
  • Install improvements, added options for not using apache rewrites

Know Issues

  • When doing guest checkout with register option selected, and there happens a payment error, the customer should have to login before retrying, because the customer account is already created
  • Configurable products might be out of stock and not available to buy, even if they have available associated products
  • There is no payment method information available when using Paypal Express checkout

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