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Magento 0.6.13700 Available for Download

We are pleased to announce the availability for download of Magento Preview version 0.6.13700. The major highlights of the release include the first implementation of a Magento DataFlow module (import/export tool), UPS and DHL shipping integration support, and catalog rewrite rules (for search engine optimization).

Major Highlights:

  • Added DHL shipping method integration
  • Added UPS XML shipping integration
  • Added admin dashboard preview
  • Added batch export/import tool preview
  • Added catalog URL rewrites
  • Added configurable option to show breadcrumbs on CMS pages

Impovements and Bugfixes:

  • Improved collections performance
  • Optimized core/email_template_filter
  • Fixed backups creating bug
  • Fixed CMS noroute, added 404 http status for not found page
  • Added handling of ajax session expiration in frontend and in admin
  • Added custom layout update xml field to CMS pages
  • Fixed minor issues in tablerate export
  • Added multiline form field type
  • Moved subscription logic to Mage_Newsletter
  • Disallowed deleting of default customer groups
  • Fixed checking $_SERVER variables when not run from webserver
  • Added storing original loaded data in models
  • Fixed EAV cache
  • Made admin secure loading when set up
  • Fixed Vietnamese locale name
  • Fixed few wishlist issues (shared wishlist display, wishlist links translation, add all to cart, product URLs in shared wishlist email)
  • Fixed admin permissions grid issues
  • Mysqli, pdo_mysql failsafe free result before statement fix
  • Added possibility to show root category list of products in Mage_Catalog_Block_Product_List
  • Fixed admin search, catalog search and newsletter queue bugs in admin
  • Fixed loading some translation files
  • Moved SKU to catalog/product entity table, fixed finding unique value in static attribute
  • Fixed bug with cache tags in core/app
  • Fixed utf-8 charset name
  • Fixed per store attribute labels
  • Fixed mcrypt key length
  • Fixed Javascript bug in installation wizard
  • Fixed secure URL validation during installation
  • Few logical bugfixes for EAV collection and core resource setup
  • Fixed search problem with ? in query
  • Fixed problem with retrieving regions list in admin
  • Changed default template for credit card info block to show only 4 last digits
  • Fixed absolute/relative URLs bug

Known Issues:

  • System fields values are not translated when exporting data
  • Multistore and multiple values support in batch export/import tool is missing, right now we have only per store import/export
  • Interactive file upload will be improved in the next releases
  • We are awaiting for a community feedback on testing DHL shipping method integration
  • There is no xml validation for batch export/import advanced profile
  • Admin dashboard doesn’t show zero value entries
  • Store filter exports all customers that belong to the website the store is in
  • Open text ftp account password in xml


  • Right after the installation or upgrade go to the Admin -> System -> Cache Management, check the ‘Refresh Catalog Rewrites’ checkbox and click on ‘Save cache settings’ button in order to get new URL rewrites updated
  • GUI for managing URL rewrites will be released in future releases

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