Introducing the Magento Community Advisory Board and First Meeting!

After a couple of weeks of hard work, I am glad to finally be able to announce the formation of the Community Advisory.  The Community Advisory Board is here to discuss issues that are meaningful to the community, to analyze all angles of relevance and to define the policies and practices that will enable purposeful community interaction and engagement.  We are here to help the community thrive, to hear your comments and concerns and to act as your voice.  We are here to make sure that all interest are kept aligned and in sync, and by doing that set solid foundations for the continued healthy growth and success of the community, of Magento itself and of Varien.

The Community Advisory Board is:

Philippe Humeau - Philippe is from France and has been an advocate of Magento.  He is also a Varien Partner.  His site is
Guido Jansen - Guido is the Magento Dutch Community Manager
Yoav Kutner - Yoav is the CTO of Varien.
Sebastien Lepers - Sebastien is the French Community Manager
Rico Neitzel - Rico is the German Community Manager
Roy Rubin - Roy is the Founder and CEO of Varien
Lee Saferite - Lee is a well respected of the Magento Community. He is located in Lake City, FL in the US.
Francois Zisserman - Francois is a popular French eCommerce blogger.  His site is and his blog is located at
and myself of course!!!

In order for this meeting to be a success, we need your help!

Our first meeting will be this upcoming Monday morning, the 30th of March 2009 at 9AM PDT.  Expect a full summary of the proceedings and a follow up on here and in the forums as well.  I have been involved in many conversations over the last two weeks with many members of the community, about many different topics, and I have enjoyed it tremendously.  The goal of the community board is to bring up issues relevant to the community and as such I would like people to comment to this post about what you think we should discuss.  I will keep a running list and at 6AM PDT on Monday, I will finalize a list and hope to post an agenda on here for everyone to see what topics we will be talking about.

The future’s looking bright.

Koby smile