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Introducing Magento Connect


We are proud to announce Magento Connect (MC), a marketplace for the distribution of community and commercial Magento products and services. MC is expected soon after Magento’s production release in early 2008 and will offer the following:

  • Modules extending Magento’s functionality
  • Themes
  • Design Packages
  • 3rd party integrations
  • Language Packs / Locales
  • Installation Packages
  • Virtual Installation Images (pre-installed OS)
  • Job Board
  • (much much more…)

Magento Connect offers opportunities for 3rd party development firms and individuals to reach the Magento Community. We expect a large ecosystem to evolve to extend Magento’s core features.

Over the next few weeks we’ll begin sharing more specific information about our plans and our vision for making this the destination for the eCommerce community, including screenshots and screencasts of the contribution process (for both open source and commercial contributions). A forum is now available to discuss Magento Connect questions and topics.

We are excited about the potential and hope you’ll join us for the ride.

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