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Happy One Month Anniversary Magento Answers


Happy One Month Anniversary Magento Answers!

Greetings Magento Community,

Magento Answers is one month old today and in honor of this occasion, we're releasing a new navigation menu. We hope this new menu helps you to better maneuver your way around answers and quickly jump to key sections of interest. Now you can not only view the questions and topics that you directly follow, but also see questions and activity that you're not directly following.


The navigation bar is broken down into a few sections so you can manage what you're following, global activity and your profile and settings. Here's a quick rundown of all the options now available:

Following Section
  • Your Feed - This is a real-time list of all questions related to topics, questions or people you are following. Click Subscription Settings to change and update Your Feed.
  • Unanswered Questions - This link displays questions that you are following (i.e. Your Feed) but only the ones which haven't received a response yet.
  • Topics - This link allows you to quickly jump to and manage the topics which you're currently following.
  • Global Section
  • All Unanswered Questions - This is a real-time list of all questions in all topics, that have not received a response.
  • All Topics - This link jumps to the complete list of Magento Answers topics. You can easily manage all topics from this link.
  • All Activity - This link allows you to quickly view all recent activity regardless of following status.
  • Your Profile
  • This option directly links directly to your profile and allows you to view your own recent activity feed
  • Your Settings
  • Customize your Feed - This option links you to the Answers topic page where you can search for topics and organize your feed.
  • Subscription Settings - This option allows you to manage your subscription settings and notifications.
  • Send Feedback - This link allows you to to leave a message for us, with feedback, questions or other information.

We hope this new menu helps you feel more comfortable navigating around answers. Let us know what you think, and please continue to send us feedback . We look forward to hearing from you!


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