Education, Training and Certification… from Magento?

imageYep, you read it right!  I’ve been brought on at Magento to head up our education, training, and certification work. I’ve been a Magento user and advocate for well over two years and have been with Magento for about three months now. These past couple of months, I’ve been quietly working away in the background here, but we’re ready to start launching some changes and I’m eager to let you know what’s in the works for this year.

Some of our early work has been pure clean up--we’ve cleaned up and reorganized the wiki and are in the process of updating the online help info that’s available from your Magento Admin Panels. Some of you have already noticed that Koby and a crew of (most excellent) volunteer moderators have been working hard in response to your feedback to keep the forums spam-free and organized. In the next week or so, you’ll see the Knowledge Base relaunched with fresh content and ongoing updates. We’ve also targeted summer’s end for an updated, Magento Users’ Guide to be available. (The Designers’ Guide is being updated even as I type, and we have some great Knowledge Base articles coming to help developers get up to speed with Magento development.)

So, that’s some of the housekeeping, but what’s new? Training for one. Look to Magento to begin to offer training courses this fall for business users, designers, and developers. We’ll be kicking that off with a summer webinar series, focused on providing tutorials for some of the most often asked about topics (the announcement of those sessions and times will be later this week). We’ve also been blown away by some of the training some of you in the community are already offering and we want to be able to encourage and build on that. To support that, in addition to our own training, we’ll also be launching a Magento Training Partners program for those of you with the expertise to establish training as a part of your business to more effectively promote that business.

The other big initiative in the works is certification. Magento certification is much needed and will be a very tangible asset to those who earn it. So to ensure certification is meaningful and rigorous, we’re in the early planning stages of developing our certification criteria and materials. We’re targeting the end of 2010 for our first certification level and will continue to build out from there.

As with all things Magento, we want YOU. (Cue the old Uncle Sam posters for those of you who remember them.) Are you a Magento development company that already offers training to your clients and team? Are you a freelance technical writer or trainer with Magento expertise?  Are you a designer or developer with a flair for writing (and Magento)? Are you interested in writing articles about your Magento experiences for the Knowledge Base?  PM me or contact me at I’d love to hear from you. We have more opportunities than I can name as we build out this vital area within the Magento ecosystem!