eCommerce Is the New Road to the White House


With today’s Presidential Inauguration Magento is pleased to share that both the Obama and Romney campaigns tapped the Magento platform to engage with voters in new and innovative ways in the 2012 campaign season. Much like the 2008 campaign was a turning point for social media use in politics, 2012 was the coming of age of ecommerce in political fundraising. What started as a successful experiment in the Obama camp in 2008 is now a new standard for both Republicans and Democrats that can drive new channels of fundraising. We can expect the 2016 campaign season to take an even more targeted approach to encourage micro-donations (under $200) from voters during critical election milestones. While both Obama and Romney turned to Magento to support the astronomical scale of their ecommerce initiatives, each campaign used the platform to engage their voters in very different ways.

Obama targeted a younger demographic with the Runway to Win campaign which partnered with the fashion community to source limited edition items from top American designers including a geometric tote by Derek Lam and a floral scarf by Thakoon. First lady Michelle Obama helped drive critical awareness heading into the Democratic National Convention through her support of the Runway to Win designers.


Source: Obama Blog

Romney on the other hand worked with Magento partner Groove Commerce to hyper-target voters with an integrated social campaign with great results. A day after launching his presidential bid site on July 4th weekend, the Romney campaign kicked off a Facebook drive offering fans t-shirt from the campaign’s online store that was claimed by more than 13,000 people over a three day period. Integrating the Magento ecommerce initiative with social strategy helped push the boundaries of what was possible – Groove Commerce expected the offer to generate sales of more than 20,000 t-shirts alone.


Source: Mitt Romney Official Facebook Page

As we look ahead to the next election cycle, it will be interesting to see how both Democratic and Republican campaigns might innovate on the Magento platform for future state, senate, and presidential campaigns.