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It’s been a great last few weeks here with lots of planning for the future taking place. I appreciate everyone who replied to my thread and/or emailed me about the key infrastructure changes will be taking place soon.  It is only due to your valuable feedback that we can help ensure that we continue to grow in the right direction.

Direction and focus are two very important necessities when it comes to accomplishing anything.  They help drive goals and they help instill purpose.  In many of my exchanges with community members, many have shown great enthusiasm and tremendous desire to help shape future editions of Magento Community Edition.  To be honest, I am bit humbled by the colossal appetite that community members continue to inspire me with and to that end I would like to announce the opening of our feature roadmap.

Roadmap. By The Community, For the Community

Currently the roadmap is mainly developed by us with input from the community while taking broad overall goals in consideration.  While we work hard to make everyone happy we do ultimately need to achieve a balance which will help Magento advance all around.  As the project gets healthier and more intricate, we find that the scope is ever increasing and would like to open up the roadmap to ensure that everyone continues to have equal opportunity to define the future flow.  To enable that, we will be transferring the development of the roadmap to the Community Advisory Board.  Through their direct involvement with the community the CAB will be able manage and supervise the roadmap more efficiently, more openly and more cordially.

The Community Advisory Board will be meeting some time within the next two weeks to discuss this and issues related to infrastructure changes.  We are currently trying to sync schedules for the meeting and some members are on holiday and we will have more information when we set a date and time.  We are always working to open doors for the community and give the community a greater ability to influence the path which Magento travels as it continues to flourish into the world’s greatest, most comprehensive and coolest eCommerce platform.

Until then please feel free to email myself, at or any of the other CAB Members with questions and/or comments.  The future is looking brighter and brighter and my guess its not only because the summer is rolling in!

Koby wink

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