December 2009 CAB Meeting

The Magento Community Advisory Board will be meeting on December 17th at 10am Pacific/1am Eastern/6pm UTC time.  The agenda will revolve around changes and enhancements to the Magento Wiki, including possibly replacing the wiki software and appointing a Wiki manager to help manage the content and information on the wiki.  We will also be discussing the addition of a new CAB member and the beginnings of a Documentation/Wiki team.  Documentation, overall is very important to the community as a whole, whether it be Magento users, developers or partners and our hopes are that by taking these steps we can help improve the overall amount and quality of information available to the community.

We will also be discussing our ongoing efforts supporting code contributions and submission by the community.  In case you haven’t noticed, we announced a Magento Development Google Group, through which code can be submitted in patch format once one signs the Magento Contributor Agreement.  More information can be found in my blog post announcement here.  We will be talking about further enhancement and improvements that can be made to the process to help lower the barriers for those wishing to contribute.

Finally, we will be discussing the roadmap for the upcoming version of Magento Community Edition and expect a post on that sometime soon, before the meeting.

I would like to thank the community again for all the activity and engagement and good will and ideas we have been receiving from everyone.  Everyone on the CAB is excited and eager to serve the continued success of our community.  If you feel we should add anything else to the agenda, please leave comments below or as always, feel free to email me at .