Community Site Update: September 21, 2007

This week was a busy one as we continued pushing updates to the community site. A few of the highlights include:

Site Search

We've implemented Google Custom Business Search and developed functionality to view results by module (Forum, Knowledge Base, Wiki, Blog, Features). You can take advantage of all of Google's search operators (AND, OR, +, -, "", etc.) to find exactly what you are looking for ... and for the best part, spelling correction is supported.

Bug (Issue) Tracking System

A new issue tracking system is now live. Search, view, and report new issues as you encounter them. The system is integrated in real time with our internal software so our development teams can have immediate access.

International Magento Blogs

We've expanded our international blog lineup and now feature: German, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Ukranian blogs. Stay tuned for further announcements next week of additional international blogs.


The Magento forum continues to thrive with over 3,700 message thus far. The participation by the community has been truly inspiring. This week we completed the implementation of the new layout and added the much requested functionality of 'latest posts', and 'unanswered posts'. More updates to the forum will follow in the week ahead.

As always, if you any ideas, we'd love to hear them!

Enjoy the Weekend!