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Community Chat v.2 - Thursday, August 9th 11 AM PST

We had a great turnout last week for our inaugural community chat. The ambitious plans to discuss a wide array of topics was scaled back and concentrated on US Taxes, Coupons/Promotions (see transcript below) and Taxonomies (specifically integration with 3rd party providers). It was an absolute success and the conversation was flowing. Seems ya'll have a lot to say smile That said, we are already looking forward to our v.2 community chat, happening on Thursday, August 9th at 11 AM PST. We'll discuss user registrations, product search, and more (should time allow). Get those screenshots ready (we love 'em!). We are opening this up for everyone across the world ... but, here's the catch ... there are only (roughly) 20 spots available. Interested? We'd love to hear from you. Step 1 - Contact Us Step 2 - Get online on Thursday bright and early to ensure you have a spot

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Topic: Coupons / Promotions
Roy R. Outside of the standard percent off, fixed amt, minimum order
coupons (and combinations of) what are some creative promotions/coupons that
you've seen?
Matt G. free shipping
Josh P. We use free shipping coupons a lot.
Josh P. And "Get X Product for free" coupons.
Scott S. buy one get one (free|% off|$ off|specific product|multiple
product choice)
Brandon E. Free shipping definitely
Brandon E. ability to restrict to certain products
Brandon E. or exclude certain products
Josh P. Ability to restrict to a group of products is huge.
Brandon E. I've also had a lot of clients request the ability to do buy
one get one or by 3 get 20% off
Brandon E. not sure how to handle those
Matt G. ability to limit coupons to one user per customer.
Matt G. etc
Scott S. as far as free/promotional shipping goes, I have a client on
the east coast who can afford to ship free up to the mississippi river, but
beyond, costs are increasingly greater after that point...
Nathan P. What about upgrade to a better shipping method?\
Scott S. I've also seen free shipping on only one product, whereas the
other items in the order are charged for shipping
Chris M. For the appearance of free shipping to the customer, do you
restrict it to a certain method (ground) and $0 that out, or do you just offer
a new method Free Shipping which the customer selects?
Josh P. On our free shipping we offer free on Parcel. If you want it
faster, you can pay full price for Priority or Express.
Brandon E. @Scott - I think if you allow to restrict based on product,
and offer the coupon as free shipping, it should do just that
Scott S. amazon adds an otherwise unseen shipping option for their free
shipping, I think they call it super saver shipping...
Matt G. we run into restrictions for free shipping coupon like lower
48 (not free for AK, HI, International)
Brandon E. A new shipping option would be fine, as long as it was
triggered by the coupon and not available to everyone
Nathan P. Same here Matt, good point.
Brandon E. I don't want to offer free shipping to everyone
Brandon E. The ability to create a coupon for a specific CUSTOMER would
be nice
Scott S. What about promotions based on a certain order amount,
quantity, etc?
Matt G. we have offered a discount of the lowest shipping cost, so
intl, hi, ak customers get a lowered shipping rate
Brandon E. we often give them a credit, but giving them a discount would
be a great way to apologize for messing up an order, etc
Josh P. Yeah. We do a lot of "Orders of $100 get free shipping"
Josh P. of=over
Moshe G. @Brandon - how about customer group?
Matt G. @brandon the customer specific option would be great
Josh P. Well specific customer implies the customer is registered
Josh P. Right?
Josh P. If you just create a coupon and limit it to 1 use and give
that to the customer...that would work as well.
Matt G. how about automatic promotions/coupon with no code
Brandon E. @Moshe - that would be great too
Matt G. like orders over $100 for example
Scott S. Well, I've had clients who offer certain promotions to a group
of customers who are marked as a member of a certain group within the ecommerce
system, so that promotions are automatically calculated
Brandon E. promotions and coupons are different, I think
Brandon E. I perceive coupons as a code that people have to enter at
checkout to get
Brandon E. I'd love to be able to create promotions similar to coupons
Moshe G. @Brandon - it looks like coupon is just one more condition to
Nathan P. I agree with that statement (mainly). Coupons in my mind are
external promotions, other types mentioned are internal promotions.
Scott S. for instance: customer groups such as restaurants, hotels,
grocery stores (these are groups listed in the system of a food supplier)
Brandon E. also, don't see it mentioned but I think coupons should have
an expiration date
Nathan P. or.. "in-store" promotions as they're called.
Scott S. the client offers discounted prices on products as well as
other promotions
Brandon E. so maybe have a "promotions" and offer a selection to whether
it's automatic or by coupon code?
Roy R. What type of information would you expect from a coupon report
(from both a financial and marketing/conversion perspective)?
Scott S. What about promotions where there's more than one reward for
an action, such as by 3 of product X and get a discounted price AND free
Scott S. Primarily, I just want to make sure that type of functionality
works and is well tested...
Scott S. I've ran into some issues with it in the past.
Brandon E. I'd want to be able to run a report to see how many times the
coupon code was entered, and maybe a list of all customers/orders associated
with the coupon
Nathan P. From a reporting perspective, I would like to see a complete
funnel report based on an email campaign. I assume that's how users would get
the coupon code in general.
Scott S. Maybe conversion goals could be tracked for both orders with
coupons and without.
Nathan P. Otherwise, we would do most of our reporting in our financial
statement analysis and consider coupons as a deduction from gross sales.
Brandon E. I track conversion goals through Analytics, but would love to
be able to setup goals in my e-commerce software and track within
Brandon E. but that's not just coupons, it's for all conversionsx
Ryan B. I agree w/ Brandon
Scott S. I do as well.
Matt G. Kind of related... we offer packages of products (with a
discounted package price). So when someone adds all the product individually,
the ability to realize this and offer the same discount.
Brandon E. Right now I setup goals in Analytics for sales in general and
also through major channels
Roy R. @Matt - so it sounds like a virtual bundle of some kind?
Matt G. basically
Yoav K. one more question on coupons - does anybody allow multiple
coupons per order? or is it usually limited to one coupon per order?
Scott S. interesting
Josh P. @Yoav: We only allow one.
Nathan P. That's a great idea Matt!
Ryan B. What I am looking for is a very flexible coupon system -- with
the ability to add in coupon codes and define what exactly that coupon applies
to -- current ecommerce usually only offer options such as free shipping or a
percentage off -- but what if I'd like to add a few calendar for orders over
$75 for example --
Scott S. coupons, maybe just one, promotions could be many
Matt G. Yoav - we have a flag for coupons to weather it's exclusive or
Josh P. We actually only allow one coupon ever over promos. So like
you can't use your 10% off coupon AND get free shipping on your order over
Scott S. but it may be a good option when setting up a coupon to mark
that it can be used with other offer
Scott S. offers*
Ryan B. free calendar, not few -- lol
Nathan P. It would be nice to have an option to select what restrictions
Ryan B. yup
Brandon E. multiple coupons would be fine for one-product coupons if they
have multiple products -- for instance I might have a coupon for $20 off a
specific printer and $10 off a toner cartridge
Nathan P. I would like to restrict to different variables (max
promotion, min promotion, etc.)
Brandon E. they should both work if they don't conflict
Matt G. also related are miniminum advertised pricing... we have
several product that need coupon code or add to cart functionality to get the
Brandon E. but it should be an option that a coupon (like 20% off total
order) won't work with any other coupons
Moshe G. @Brandon - that sounds like multi-tier coupon discount right?
same coupon code affects different products differently
Scott S. maybe coupons marked as usable with other promotions are only
usable with other promotions marked as the same
Brandon E. @Moshe... not necessarily. Coupons can apply to one product
(or several) or the whole order. There should be a setting to whether or not
the coupon can be used with other coupons. If it is checked, if they overlap
(i.e. a product specific coupon and total order coupon used) it wont work
Brandon E. but two coupons that do not apply to one another would be okay
Brandon E. I think Staples has a pretty good coupon system actually
Brandon E. I order from them a lot and they send out a LOT of
Brandon E. you can add coupons to your cart much like you add a
Brandon E. by clicking a link in the email or website, or by entering a
Brandon E. and they work very well, as far as recognizing conflicts and
notifying the user
Scott S. that sounds like a good option
Nathan P. That makes sense to me too. So if coupon A is a subset
promotion of coupon B's promotion, there should be an option to prevent the use
of both coupon A & B.
Scott S. I like being able to visually see the promotions
Scott S. How about a "choose one" dialog when two conflicting coupons
are entered?
Nathan P. That's an interesting idea.
Scott S. Or some way to allow the user to choose which they'd
Nathan P. Something like... you can't use both, so which do you
Roy R. anyone seen this on a site before?
Scott S. not as far as I recall
Nathan P. I'm trying to envision coupon collisions in general from a
user experience perspective. You enter coupon A... the discount is applied.
Then you enter coupon B. What happens if there is a collision?
Scott S. The Staples site might do something like this if you can get
ahold of two conflicing coupons
Brandon E. Staples coupons
Brandon E. 7720 2873 2296 xxxx
Brandon E. $20 off $100 order
Scott S. Although, I'm guessing the user would rather choose the option
that get's them the cheapest order, am I right?
Brandon E. 7395 0217 2307 xxxx
Brandon E. $25 off $100 order
Brandon E. neither has been used yet
Brandon E. (please don't use 'em) wink
Scott S. are they one time use?
Scott S. is the site I use for coupon
Brandon E. Yes
Brandon E. one time use
Brandon E. Picture+2
Brandon E. Staples cart with both coupons added
Brandon E. I think it displays the conflict on checkout
Roy R. can you post a screenshot of the conflict in the
Roy R. (these screenshots are really helpful for us)
Scott S. Brandon, hope you choose something you want to buy wink
Scott S. Roy, what about a batch coupon code creation utility for use
in email campaigns? Something that can be uniquely sent to the people on your
mailing list perhaps?
Scott S. And tracked, as well.
Roy R. We thought about it, Scott. You may see that in the future
Scott S. Cool smile
Nathan P. Scott, can you explain the benefit of this?
Brandon E. Sorry, it's asking me to enter payment info...
Brandon E. Ironically
Brandon E. It took both coupons
Roy R. no problem - we'll go on, post it whenever you have it (if you
Brandon E. Ah
Brandon E. Picture+3
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