What are your favorite eCommerce sites?

We’re looking for the best sites across the world. eCommerce Sites that are well executed, visually appealing, easy to use, intuitive and put usability in the forefront. Any favorites? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Glen

    1Glen from Hobson|posted August 1 2007

    I’d say Apple’s website. An example would be their Mac Pro’s page. It’s this fantastic looking page, which has been highly customized for the look and feel, a simple click of the buy now button, and you can start customizing your Mac Pro, and then head off towards the checkout. I love the idea of being able to have highly customizable templates for each product.. Modx CMS does a great job of this, where you are able to create a custom look and feel for a certain kind of page, and apply the template you have created at will to other pages.

  2. Scott

    2Scott from Hobson|posted August 1 2007

    I’ve always liked the style of the Home Depot site. Very modern, and organized. Their search feature could be improved, but I like the modern style and find it very inspiring.

    Other ecomerce sites I’ve bookmarked over the years include endless.com, etsy.com, kernelseasons.com, eliteak.com, simplyyouthministy.com and shop.lego.com

    I think all these examples have something to note.

  3. Wimy

    3Wimy from Hobson|posted August 1 2007

    I like unobtrusive simplicity and the guys at http://www.campaignmonitor.com have done brilliant job!

  4. John

    4John from Hobson|posted August 1 2007

    Me likes:


    Most ElasticPath.com stores.

  5. Lopsta

    5Lopsta from Hobson|posted August 1 2007

    I like these websites most:


    clever way to hide every “confusing element” like navigation during checkout and lead the customer to only one whay: buy and pay


    rather unusual approach of presenting products lists. puts the detail view at the most prominent place while keeping products list down below. excellent design as well.


    Great Shopping experience and good presentation of product variations in the listview.


    best way of presenting a drag and droppabale shopping cart. while this is flash (and flash sucks) sure you could do it with ajax in a similar way.

    ...more to come…

  6. Anthony

    6Anthony from Hobson|posted August 1 2007

    Yeah, sephora is slick. Very well executed ecommerce site there.

    I also like newegg. For IT gear like motherboards, it’s great to see what’s actually in the pack. They have three or four pics of each board, connections and plugs, cd’s and cables etc. Well integrated customer reviews too.

  7. Joe

    7Joe from Hobson|posted August 2 2007


    is my choice, counting visual appearance and functionalities offered.

    Thanks, Joe.

  8. Aarne

    8Aarne from Hobson|posted August 2 2007

    Besides the ones told here, I would add the following with a small explanation especially because of ease of use:


    Very straigth forward from start to finish. Nice design, not too noisy.


    I think even though the field of DVD,CD, etc. has a huge number of products these guys have managed to keep the site fairly simple to buy. Would compare to Amazon, but for some reason I see this easier with searching and roaming around.

    I would also like to add something to eCommerce sites, since the ideology of Web 2.0 is on hand. For example customers could have their own profiles inside shop, behind nickname or whatever. Somehow to create a community between the customers of the shop and let them interact the site even more than through ratings, customer uploads etc. Having differently rated member customers, that can be offered glimpse of future products, preordering feature, different discounts and such. Getting the word “faceless” out of webshop field somehow. Hmm.. might’ve been that some of that was already on the todo. smile

  9. Willem

    9Willem from Hobson|posted August 2 2007


    Won also prices for the best dutch webshop.

  10. Tobias

    10Tobias from Hobson|posted August 2 2007


    Greetings from Germany

  11. Yann

    11Yann from Hobson|posted August 2 2007


    ...hmm it seems I don’t have same design feeling as u guys…
    Here is my choice :
    - http://www.Abercrombie.com
    - http://www.www.apc.fr

  12. Rémi

    12Rémi from Hobson|posted August 2 2007

  13. Fletsch

    13Fletsch from Hobson|posted August 2 2007

    My personal Favourites are:


    P.s. Will there be special features for fashion shops? It would be great if customers can choose their clothing size (attribute) and only gets shown products with the choosen size (attribute) on stock.

    hope you implement this smile

  14. Pierrot

    14Pierrot from Hobson|posted August 2 2007

    Amazon ? wink
    Seriously, I get http://www.lafraise.com in mind, not quite new, but still on the top for a “small” shop. http://www.endless.com is another smart exemple with good use of ajax.

  15. Brandon Eley

    15Brandon Eley from Hobson|posted August 2 2007

    I like the simplicity of the layout and the way they arrange products logically ("this looks good with...")

    They use a bit of AJAX to show a “quick look” of a product without leaving the page. I think that’s slick because you can immediately see if it’s in stock in your size.

    For obvious reasons (like a 20%+ conversion rate) they are the leaders in the industry. I probably order from them twice a week between work and home and think their processes just keep getting better. A little cluttered, maybe, but I’ve never had a problem buying something there.

  16. Dan

    16Dan from Hobson|posted August 2 2007

    LLBean is extremely easy to use.

  17. Lopsta

    17Lopsta from Hobson|posted August 2 2007

    this thread is about excellent shopdesigns, not about promoting your own website.
    there will be no award i guess.

  18. Mike

    18Mike from Hobson|posted August 2 2007

    Nicely executed ecommerce site:


  19. Nick Yeoman

    19Nick Yeoman from Hobson|posted August 2 2007

    I really like http://www.NCIX.com I used to build e-commerce sites for a web development company and we would use that site as the goal to achieve.

  20. KC

    20KC from Hobson|posted August 2 2007

    For the best drag & drop interface (and also one of the prettiest sites), I’ve gotta go with:


    or rather, http://www.panic.com/goods

    Its beauty is in its simplicity. These guys pretty much wrote the book on simple, intuitive user interfaces. (Well, no. I guess Apple did that. But these guys are close behind).

  21. Christina

    21Christina from Hobson|posted August 2 2007

    Super navigation at http://www.gucci.com

    All around fun at http://www.lee.com

  22. eCopt

    22eCopt from Hobson|posted August 2 2007

    Some really good answers here. A lot of those are my favorites too.

    I would have to say http://www.newegg.com

    Other than their new homepage design (which kicks butt), they do all the right things when it comes to on-page optimization factors. The also have an easy to use, easy to buy platform.

  23. Patrick Jäger

    23Patrick Jäger from Hobson|posted August 2 2007

    Hello, where i can download magento ?

    my fav side : http://www.valvesoftware.com/

  24. Ajnab

    24Ajnab from Hobson|posted August 2 2007

    I like the grid view of products at : http://www.arabianbazaar.com

  25. Sarah

    25Sarah from Hobson|posted August 2 2007

  26. John

    26John from Hobson|posted August 2 2007

    Guys, when do you open up the forums?

  27. John

    27John from Hobson|posted August 2 2007

    And whats with all these people promoting their own crappy sites?

    They wanted good ones, not yours.

  28. roy

    28roy from Los Angeles, CA|posted August 2 2007

    John - Forums, very soon. August is when its all happening smile

  29. Mark Hedley

    29Mark Hedley from Hobson|posted August 2 2007

    It’s august now *hides*

  30. TOM

    30TOM from Hobson|posted August 2 2007

    Please use Web2 and Ajax features for better performances like below I have wrote my favorite’s websites with cause:

    Best Ecommerce websites I love to shopping from them just for user friendly interface and nice shopping cart and basket with easy and clean nice design:

    Good looking basket and easy product navigate with great web2 features:

    nice with new unique shopping features:


    360 Degree product view and other photo of product in one page:

    websites with nice and clean pretty design:





    this ajax script is cool and I think nice looking if use it on magneto:

    fly to basket script DEMO

    With best wishes for Magneto great team.

  31. Martin

    31Martin from Hobson|posted August 2 2007

  32. Sebastian

    32Sebastian from Hobson|posted August 2 2007

    Does your software supports something like on http://www.notebook.de ? So that you can configure your products ???

  33. Konrad
  34. Webkasper

    34Webkasper from Hobson|posted August 3 2007

    I like this site, clean and fast ...

    For me it’s one of the best motorcycle parts site ...

  35. Magazinespree

    35Magazinespree from Hobson|posted August 3 2007

    My favourite online store is http://www.wallmart.com. Nice and simple

  36. Ian

    36Ian from Hobson|posted August 3 2007

    Geez, never seen so many trashy sites in my life. Roy, don’t think it was the best idea for this blog, you just get everyones own sites with a few corporate (million pound budget) type sites! Plus whats with all the fashion sites, they don’t give a good indication of the best available.

    I personally think that a 2 column design works significantly better for sites with only a few hundreds products, for a few thousand, the 3 column works fine.

    Don’t follow the examples above, we want something different that works.

  37. Scott

    37Scott from Hobson|posted August 3 2007

    Ian, I totally agree with you in regards to the trashy sites, they are unnecessary, but should be easily spotted and disregarded. However, I think the (good) corporate examples, though budgets are high, are good examples because they are often some of the best sites. An ecommerce platform should be “inspired” by such sites in order to make it the best.

    Now this may be going a little overboard, but what if a large corporate business decided to migrate their ecommerce system to Magento? They’ll need to make sure it is flexible and customizable enough to create such a corporate site. So it’s important for the team to keep such sites in mind as inspiration. I do it all the time, but I don’t charge my clients millions of dollars… Quality can be affordable, and in the case of Magento, free!

  38. Ian

    38Ian from Hobson|posted August 3 2007

    Agreed Scott, a focus on providing a ‘quality’ solution based around existing excellent examples is a must, but think that the concerntration definatly needs to be on the lower end of the market, small shops etc.

  39. Scott

    39Scott from Hobson|posted August 3 2007

    I totally with you on that. The majority of users will be smaller shops. I’m hoping designers start picking this up because I hate looking at ugly ecommerce sites!

    The beauty of the system is that it’s flexible enough to customize to your exact needs, once you learn how to use it. 2 columns, 3 columns, 1 column? You decide what looks best because you can customize on that level. Need more functionality? You won’t need to wait for the Magento team to incorporate it assuming you’re comfortable with PHP and the Zend Framework.

    The quality of your ecommerce site is up to you. You can use the out-of-the-box style, or you can go all out and make your site look and work like a corporate site, without the high-end budget. It’s a wonderful thing smile

  40. Brandon Eley

    40Brandon Eley from Hobson|posted August 3 2007

    I really like Threadless (http://www.threadless.com/) too. nice design and they implement the “add to cart” a lot better than most apparel sites (by making the actual size clickable and only if it’s in stock). It’s insanely clear what sizes are in stock and the layout is very clean.

  41. The Q » Magento is looking for examples of good ecommerce sites

    41The Q » Magento is looking for examples of good ecommerce sites from Hobson|posted August 3 2007

    [...] http://www.magentocommerce.com/blog/what-are-your-favorite-ecommerce-sites/ Add to del.icio.us Digg this article Add to newsvine Add to furl [...]

  42. mark

    42mark from Hobson|posted August 3 2007

    I’m going to mention http://www.bustedtees.com - it’s a t-shirt shop that has been copied over and over by other apparel stores for it’s simple and clean layout.
    The main reason I mention them is for their 1-page checkout.  It’s always a pain to jump through the hoops of a multiple page checkout when I’m looking to buy something online, and this is a great solution.
    Other than that, very excited to see and use Magento when it’s finally released!

  43. Orajen

    43Orajen from Hobson|posted August 3 2007

    I’ve always liked http://www.crateandbarrel.com/

  44. Dave

    44Dave from Hobson|posted August 3 2007

    Other than the fact that none of it is truly dynamic, and that I’d like to have used some sort of ajax for the tabs on the product pages, I love the way/concept of my eCommerce site for http://www.activetuning.com

    There are some great ones in some of the comments, I really liked Abercrombie.com and BustedTees.com.

  45. Dave

    45Dave from Hobson|posted August 3 2007

  46. Ludo

    46Ludo from Hobson|posted August 3 2007

    A very nice design with a dynamic board builder : http://www.surfride.com
    And a older web site (2005) but it’s still one of my best :

  47. Oli

    47Oli from Hobson|posted August 4 2007

    * simple, cool stuff, great concept

    * nice design, cool stuff

    * best (german) electronic shop

  48. Ian

    48Ian from Hobson|posted August 4 2007

    Some of them sites are pityfully slow though, which makes them a no no, plus no point with flash sites, everyone knows they might look fancy but are a SEO nightmare and more shopping cart technology won’t touch it!

  49. Felix

    49Felix from Hobson|posted August 4 2007

    The Best DJ Vinylshop can u find here http://www.deecoo.de

  50. alison

    50alison from Hobson|posted August 4 2007

  51. Pill

    51Pill from Hobson|posted August 5 2007

    http://www.netcam-watcher.com has a nice design. A kind of Video Surveillance Software. Very well done.

  52. mark

    52mark from Hobson|posted August 5 2007

    Ah yes, the site mentioned above is a shop made with Shopify (shopify.com).  Shopify is the best ecommerce solution I’ve come across so far.  Excellent design, excellent usability for the store owner.  One way that Magento can do better is in the check-out process.  Shopify’s checkout pages are not customizable and all have the same static appearance, regardless of the how customized the store may be.  So no matter how unique each Shopify store looks, everyone’s checkout page looks the same.

  53. Ian

    53Ian from Hobson|posted August 5 2007

    Shopify is a noval idea but is seriously lacking in good support, custom setups other than design, not to mention poor gateway options and introduction of a monthly charge that they didn’t tell their customers about! I wouldn’t touch them.

  54. Brandon Eley

    54Brandon Eley from Hobson|posted August 5 2007

    And let’s not forget that Shopify is a hosted solution. If you are unhappy with the hosting, or the company—you have no option but to redevelop on another platform. You can’t take the code and install it on another server. It’s 100% hosted and based on a percentage sales, which even for some of our sites would cost much, much more than implementing a custom solution. It’s great for small, starter websites (and I’ve used it before) but it is a very small niche. I think Shopify and Magento are in completely different market segments.

  55. roy

    55roy from Los Angeles, CA|posted August 5 2007

    I would agree with Brandon on the issue of Shopify. It’s a completely different product for a different market altogether. We don’t see Shopify as a real competitor.

  56. @miral

    56@miral from Hobson|posted August 5 2007

    modern and very nice design

  57. Daryl

    57Daryl from Hobson|posted August 5 2007

    I like this iste , very easy too navigate , im always using it http://www.aria.co.uk/

  58. John

    58John from Hobson|posted August 5 2007

    Ian: If you did some real background checking Shopify didn’t screw over their customers. Even if information was lacking. The old ones can still use the same plan they had from the start. Only new customers are affected.

    Even if Shopify and Magento are in different markets. It would be nice to incorporate a shared checkout process for those who run a network of their own, with multiple stores (like me). That would save money and time in purchasing new IP-numbers and SSL certificates for each store. And perhaps buying a merchant account for each one etc.

  59. Nino

    59Nino from Hobson|posted August 5 2007

  60. Sean

    60Sean from Hobson|posted August 6 2007

    http://www.wrapables.com is quite nice.. I like the see related items feature while browsing through items. Its clean and clear.

  61. Fazal Khan

    61Fazal Khan from Hobson|posted August 6 2007

    http://www.crateandbarrel.com/ ihttp://www.johnlewis.com/ s the nicest of a bad bunch and is also a pretty nice experience. The apple store is not too far behind.

    By the way, it’s August now, any news on the release?

  62. Fazal Khan

    62Fazal Khan from Hobson|posted August 6 2007

    http://www.johnlewis.com/ is the nicest of a bad bunch and is also a pretty nice experience. The apple store is not too far behind.

    By the way, it’s August now, any news on the release?

  63. Joerg

    63Joerg from Hobson|posted August 6 2007

    I like http://www.esprit.de/ alltough they use frames (old school).

  64. Nishant Pithia

    64Nishant Pithia from Hobson|posted August 6 2007


    Can’t wait to see this working.

    My best sites are:






    Nishant Pithia

  65. steve

    65steve from Hobson|posted August 6 2007


    This one is nicely branded and well organized. It runs into some issues in the checkout process.

  66. Andy

    66Andy from Hobson|posted August 6 2007


    If you can provide 2/3 of the simple clean functionality that these sites provide, you will be on the right track.  I think endless.com is owned by Amazon so you get a taste of what Amazon might be like if they didn’t have 10 years of legacy code and issues to deal with wink

  67. steve

    67steve from Hobson|posted August 6 2007


    I came across this today. Nice features, can’t find a working example though. If anyone does have a working example or know of something similar, I’d like to see it.

  68. Jan Aalt

    68Jan Aalt from Hobson|posted August 6 2007

    No oscommerce examples anyone?

  69. Carine B

    69Carine B from Hobson|posted August 6 2007

    I’m tempted to plug my own osCommerce, but that is not allowed - is it ?

    Instead look here for some osCommerce based shops http://battleshop.ning.com/

  70. colson

    70colson from Hobson|posted August 8 2007

    http://jcwhitney.com - The best feature is the one where you select your vehicle and it shows you a category breakdown where specific custom items are for your truck while still showing you other categories that have universal or usable products for your vehicle. One note - it would be nice to select a vehicle but choose to see all products even if they don’t match your truck. Other auto sites have similar features but JC Whitney’s is one of the best, clutter-free shopping experiences.

    http://www.musiciansfriend.com - I shop here quite a bit. They are amidst a redesign but they do offer a well-categorized product selection, promotions galore and a fairly painless checkout process.

    Target.com is a nice site but as I remember - it is driven by Amazon’s back end.

    Gap.com’s product attribute selector is pretty slick, simple and easy to use.

  71. dan c.

    71dan c. from Hobson|posted August 8 2007

    the cart at goincase.com is amazing.

  72. Brandon

    72Brandon from Hobson|posted August 9 2007

    Apple is easily the best (that I’ve seen). 

    Considering what they’re doing, Amazon does a very good job.  Amazon-wannabes like buy.com are terrible by comparison.  Of course Apple beats Amazon easily, but it doesn’t have quite as difficult a job to accomplish.  Trying to make EVERYTHING available and still be easy to use and attractive: that’s a nearly impossible goal, which Amazon does pretty well at.

  73. Thomas

    73Thomas from Hobson|posted August 10 2007

    http://www.komplett.ie is very good from start to finish, they have localised versions of the store all over europe .co.uk, .de etc

  74. Darren Nicholls

    74Darren Nicholls from Hobson|posted August 10 2007

    I would have to say http://www.play.com; it’s simple to use to navigate around and the checkout process is easy enough.

    If you’re interested in Ecommerce / Checkout I’d suggest you read this from E-consultancy: http://www.e-consultancy.com/publications/online-retail-checkout-2007/ makes for interesting reading.

  75. Dave

    75Dave from Hobson|posted August 10 2007

    I really like the design and UI at http://www.rushfaster.com.au/ especially once you get past the home page.

  76. Dave

    76Dave from Hobson|posted August 11 2007

    Dave (Above Me)

    I really like in the product page how they have the availability, and when you click the link for “when will I get this?”, a box comes down and tells you more.  I want that on my site!

  77. Was sind die beliebtesten E-Commerce-Seiten? | blog.zadow

    77Was sind die beliebtesten E-Commerce-Seiten? | blog.zadow from Hobson|posted August 15 2007

    [...] der angekündigten Opensource Software Magento stellten ihren Blog-Lesern die Frage, welches ihre beliebtesten E-Commerce-Seiten seien.  In den Kommentaren zu besagtem Beitrag finden sich viele interessante Seiten, bei denen [...]

  78. Hiroki

    78Hiroki from Hobson|posted August 15 2007

    It is the site that I like.
    I am happy if I serve as a reference.

    This commerce site is a famous site in Japan where there is a shop according to a brand.

    A list of images according to the store

    UNIQLO which I used a flash bulb for for the front.

    In the details page of the article, viewed zoom & front view & back view.

    It is simple and good feeling.

    A select shop and the shopping site of the brand
    Arrange favorite shops in a list, and, with Ajax and Flash, the top page is possible.

    There are a closet and the block of the coordinate.

    It is the feeling that seems to watch a fashion magazine.

    Cart page

  79. Andrew

    79Andrew from Hobson|posted August 22 2007

    I really like the navigation and simplicity of http://www.patagonia.com

  80. Jan Aalt

    80Jan Aalt from Hobson|posted August 28 2007

  81. Tassos
  82. shaal

    82shaal |posted September 4 2007

    have some innovative ways to shop -
    (check their “Ways to shop” on the left side)

  83. konrad

    83konrad from Hobson|posted September 5 2007

    etsy.com - very nice website, not heard of it before. Any idea what ecom software they used?

  84. Kevin

    84Kevin from Hobson|posted September 17 2007

    Je vois qu’il y a des frechies ici!!
    La Fraise.com wink

  85. Ed

    85Ed from Hobson|posted September 19 2007

    only just found this.
    a glaring omission is http://www.boomkat.com
    which uses something called springbolt

  86. Hofpils

    86Hofpils from Bayreuth, Germany|posted November 14 2007

    chic and stylish


  87. oldworldcharms

    87oldworldcharms |posted December 8 2007

    The Shops At Malleries is clean and easy to navigate.

  88. Linda Berg

    88Linda Berg |posted December 26 2007

    I like http://www.bol.com in the Netherlands and in the mid-size category http://www.kooptassen.nl a decent online tassen (bags) retailer.

  89. shaal

    89shaal |posted February 29 2008

    Shopping Carts Gallery: Examples and Good Practices

    Smashing Magazine published an article,
    with examples, best practices, icons and lots of goodies:


  90. undertaker

    90undertaker |posted March 8 2008

    I Like http://www.fachsenfelder-fundgrube.de from germany. Nice Dresses

  91. eleyn

    91eleyn |posted March 13 2008

    I like this one http://www.kosmetik-center.de
    modern and very nice design

  92. brain

    92brain |posted March 26 2008


    well i like this three.
    All have a clear and easy look.
    This one is about corset and lingerie: http://www.korsett-corsage.net/
    This one is a shop for wedding and evening dresses custom made: http://www.brautkleid-brautkleider.net/
    The las one is a shop for exclusive fetish fashion:

    All shops are bi lingual in English and German and based on OSC.

  93. norbertsworld

    93norbertsworld |posted May 20 2008


    i can recomend this Page:


    its really good for buying wedding Gowns ( Brautkleider ) and other staff for your wedding Party


  94. goodtobe

    94goodtobe |posted June 13 2008


    I really like these three shops:

    Onlineshop for global and independent fashion for men and women

    Sneakers and Streetwear for young men and women

    and finally http://www.freepeople.com
    A brands own onlineshop!

    They all look great and it’s very easy to shop and click through the prodcts!!


  95. guerfil

    95guerfil |posted June 17 2008

    It is simple and good feeling http:www.beauty-versand.com

  96. undertaker

    96undertaker |posted July 5 2008

    The odds-on favourite:


    give my regards to 92 excaim

  97. nafnaf1000

    97nafnaf1000 |posted July 8 2008


  98. nasty
  99. kira4six
  100. Hofpils

    100Hofpils from Bayreuth, Germany|posted August 6 2008

    Ok, nice XT Shop is:


  101. cemmelem

    101cemmelem |posted August 11 2008

  102. hotmoto

    102hotmoto |posted September 7 2008

    Nice for motorcycle fans: http://www.mototop.de - an great onlineshop with small prices! Also look at this: http://www.motorrad-news.com , an news blog with lot of stuff around two wheels.

  103. temoc25

    103temoc25 |posted July 10 2009

    My favorite is Amazon

  104. temoc25

    104temoc25 |posted July 10 2009

  105. Bullimann

    105Bullimann |posted July 29 2009

  106. hotmoto

    106hotmoto |posted August 22 2009

    http://www.aprilia-shiver.de - the german aprilia shiver, mana & dorsoduro source
    http://www.er-6n-forum.de - biggest forum for kawasaki er-6 and versys fans
    http://www.honda-evo6.de - new site about the honda evo6
    http://www.suchdenpreis.de - beliebter preisvergleich

  107. friseurbedarf

    107friseurbedarf |posted October 17 2009

    I prefer the http://www.onlineshop-haarpflege.de . Very nice shop for hair demands.

  108. dabjoern

    108dabjoern |posted November 3 2009

    I really like the design of the fashion store http://www.mshi.de.

  109. Markus_de

    109Markus_de |posted December 8 2009

    I can recommend:
    <a href="">http://www.heine.de</a> if you are interested in fashion and exclusive items in general.

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