What are Magento’s Top Five Features?

Magento is a feature rich eCommerce platform. If you had to make a quick pitch to a client, which top five Magento features would make the list?

Here are our favorites:

1. Layered Navigation
2. Multiple site control from a single admin interface
3. Multiple themes and design flexibility
4. Catalog and Shopping Cart price rules (Magento’s rule-based pricing system)
5. Checkout Process - single page checkout and multiple ship-to addresses functionality

We left out some great features from the (short) list such as upgradeability (ability to upgrade without losing customizations), call-center functionality (order creation/editing), Magento Connect (MC) and package/extension distribution through PEAR, amongst many more.

What are your favorites? Let us know in the comments.

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User Comments

  1. i960

    1i960 from Bakersfield, CA|posted January 7 2008

    My favorite feature is the team behind Magento.  Anyone can throw together a cart with a million features, but it takes a truly dedicated team of people who know e-commerce inside and out to do it right.  You guys seem to truly understand not only what developers want, but also the business owners who call the shots.  And on top of that, you understand the trends in online shopping and choose to embrace them instead of fearing them like some other shopping carts have.  So it’s my opinion that it’s not the features that make Magento great, it’s the people behind it.  I look forward to the day when I can buy each and every one of you a round of drinks, and toast to the huge success that I know Magento will become.

  2. Daniel Nitz

    2Daniel Nitz from Mainz, Germany|posted January 7 2008

    I totally agree with i960. The team behind it makes the whole concept working.

  3. Primusio

    3Primusio |posted January 7 2008

    I agree too. The team is really good and of course this is a real good open Source project if I compare it with some other “openSource” project beginning with “XT:” wink Because this is a community and all wants the best for Magento.

  4. Ross

    4Ross from Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK|posted January 7 2008

    http://www.magentocommerce.com - that’s a great feature!  Having a well put together website that supports and promotes the software is invaluable.  I appreciate the regular updates, there is always something happening, also the screencasts are great.

  5. Thunderm00n

    5Thunderm00n from Essen, Germany|posted January 7 2008

    In my Opinion the Import/Export Feature is awsome. There are some Systems that have kind of this features, but no one has such a flexible and well balanced set of Features like Magento. and of course the Community here is just “WoW”. Turorials, Help and Ideas are fast, freindly and always be accepted by the guys behind Magento. Just go forward and keep on doing… Great Work!

  6. CrashTest

    6CrashTest from Boise, ID|posted January 7 2008

    Well, in no particular order, I think the following sum it up for me: 
    - Great developers (Thanks Moshe!),
    - easy to modify code to adapt to my own purposes,
    - really nice base template and CSS,
    - pretty much every feature I want is either there or coming,
    - this site, and all the people on it, what an awesome community!

    Varien has really produced a breakout product in Magento, and I am telling everyone I know about it!


  7. storm

    7storm |posted January 7 2008

    I think the team is doing a great job - I would love to see the ability to download digital data, mp3’s, PDF’s etc implemented into Magento, also the ability to preview the mp3’s prior to purchasing them. Zen cart has a facility for this but it is a jungle trying t configure it, the great thing about Magento is it is a joy to use and excites, unlike the other carts out there that at best seem incredibly clunk. Can’t wait for the finished version to be released.

  8. Loïc

    8Loïc from Paris, France|posted January 7 2008

    Same for me, I love the great work done so far.
    - I really like the mass/batch grid data updates feature. it’s really a must have for shops with lots of items.
    - and the attribute logic

    Keep working in that direction, you’ll get mass support from the community, and everyone will benefit from it

  9. Buck

    9Buck |posted January 7 2008

    We need a method to set the size of the images, without having to resort to the hardcoded
    475 X 475 (1:1)
    135 X 135
    68 X68

    It would be nice if this were a user defined configuration setting.

    G. Rogers Sr.
    BUXCOMM Corporation

  10. solutionsphp

    10solutionsphp from Denman Island, BC, CAN|posted January 7 2008

    I haven’t used Magento yet, but I’ve been watching the project almost since the beginning. All I can say is WOW, I can’t wait to use this software!!!

  11. Discovery

    11Discovery |posted January 7 2008

    Where were you when you clicked the link to Magento for the first time?

    For me, discovering Magento was a life changing moment, all work on other carts stopped there and then.

    Given that every other Magento user has said ‘great team’, I would not be surprised if this time next year the answer was ‘great community’.

    Right now, one vital feature for me is the ability to have lots of SKU’s per product, each product variant having it’s own model code, SKU, color/size/whatever. This is not so easy to achieve with other carts, costing time, money or both. I am not alone in hitting obstacles in this area, hence ‘having the SKU support a retailer needs’ has to be a top feature.

    I am agreed on the file import/export feature. I have have tested it and it works, just so long as you don’t have carriage returns in the description fields wink
    There are people in my workplace that do all their work in Excel spreadsheets. With Magento they can continue working exactly as they do now, no new learning required. The ability to use Excel spreadsheets is therefore not only convenient, it also allows an ‘old tech’ company to get on the www without major changes to company ways.

    Can we have an upgrade to the default page footer copyright notice, e.g. to a slogan, e.g. ‘Proudly Powered by Magento <(c) Varien>’, or ‘Magically Powered By Magento...’, etc.?
    Would anyone keep such a footer, flaunting their choice of e-commerce solution to customers, competitors and designers alike? I think so.

  12. gamelodge

    12gamelodge from Brisbane, Qld, Australia|posted January 7 2008

    Yep! Team/ Communit as all other have said.

    With regards to functionality. 
    For me I love the use of EAV (entity-attribute-value) it allows for so much flexibility.  I suppose saying this means I love the whole thing as so much of it is based on this smile but the potential of using an EAV system that is well structured/ organised and works! And that has a solid library of code from which it can be extended or built on this is what exites me about the future potential and customisation to the system.

  13. RoyRubin

    13RoyRubin from Los Angeles, CA|posted January 7 2008

    Thanks for the all kind words everyone! I like the team as well smile

    What about features though? wink

  14. Johan

    14Johan from Sweden|posted January 8 2008

    I definitely love the multi stores feature. As I’m going to run a couple of main stores and a bunch of smaller niched stores under the same platform, it will give me much greater control. Having everything under one central location is so relieving.

  15. GregC

    15GregC from A^2, MI|posted January 17 2008


  16. GregC

    16GregC from A^2, MI|posted January 17 2008

    (Sorry the cat jumped on the keyboard wink
    I’m coming from a background of dealing with several high-end solution providers (and having worked for one myself).  There’s a real pleasure in seeing an open-source solution that will compete with the “big-dogs” that are out there.  The top providers all are incredibly over priced and are not providing solutions or services that keep up with that price.

    Magento (and the team behind it) will provide a solution that will put the power of creating a top-tier commerce site back in our hands and allow us another option when wanting to deploy a modern, feature rich site quickly.

    Top features have go to be:
    - layered nav
    - import and export!
    - multi stores
    - templating (though that’s got a steep learning curve)
    - flexible/defineable attriblutes

    Thanks a lot and go team!

  17. maen

    17maen |posted January 18 2008

    My favorite is layered navigation, because this gives the customer the freedom to search for products the way he wants to. He can limit the number of products shown in accordance with the criteria that are important for him.
    On the other hand, this layered navigation requires a lot of preparatory work from the owner of the shop, but he will eventually get a return for this.

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