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Welcome to the Magento Blog. If you still don’t know, Magento is the new open source eCommerce platform that’s going to change the industry. We’ll be posting regular updates here on the progress of developing Magento, set for release this summer, and we’re looking for your feedback to make it the best eCommerce platform in the world.

Magento is already set to be a rock-solid system packed with high-end features such as single-page checkout, ship-to-multiple addresses and tons of others, but we want to hear your ideas on features you want in the system. Just drop us a line in the comments and we’ll add ‘em to our list.

Also stay on the lookout for the Magento Community site which will be launching soon. Of course you can just sign up for the RSS feed and our newsletter and you’ll be the first to know of all the major developments.

We’re bringing a revolution to the eCommerce industry and we want you to be a part of it, so leave a comment and let’s get the discussion going.

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  1. Tim

    1Tim from Hobson|posted April 5 2007

    Congratulations Varien! I look forward to testing the new system. Sounds very exciting.

  2. John R.

    2John R. from Hobson|posted April 5 2007

    I can’t wait until the product is released! We’ve had such bad luck selecting a system - this sounds like a great fit.

  3. Andrew Turner

    3Andrew Turner from Hobson|posted April 5 2007

    Hi, Magento team.

    This sounds great!

    One feature I would like to see: a module that allows customers to create multiple buyer profiles and be able to “apply” them to different products. 

    We are a company that sells custom-made men’s dress shirts, and our customers can select different options (collar style, cuff style, front pocket or not front pocket, etc.) when they are building shirts.  I would love for customers to be able to save different profiles (e.g. “work” profile that’s a little more formal; “weekend” style that’s more casual) and then “apply” them to different fabrics when they are building shirts.

    I know this is a very specific application, but I think that giving customers the ability to save different profiles depending on how they shop would be a great feature for any business that allows for customization of its products.  It’s exactly the same as storing different shipping addresses or different credit card numbers.  The technology exists to do this, but it’s never been applied to a “shopping profile” level.

    Just an idea!!

    Good luck with the development!


  4. Ben

    4Ben from Hobson|posted April 5 2007

    You had me at ship-to-multiple-addresses. I can’t wait for its release. Keep it coming Varien.

  5. Bill G

    5Bill G from Hobson|posted April 5 2007

    I hope the underlying code is easy to work on. Too many open source e-commerce solutions are a mess “under the hood”, making customizations costly. Hoping it’s OO and well thought out smile

  6. Lynda

    6Lynda from Hobson|posted April 5 2007

    Congrats Roy and the entire team at Varien.  As a very, very happy customer of Varien (do check out their lovely work they did for us at Delight.com) I am thrilled to see this development and hope we can take full advantage of it!

  7. roy

    7roy from Los Angeles, CA|posted April 5 2007

    Lynda - Thank you very much. I appreciate the kind words.

    Bill G. - The code is fully object oriented and will be throughly commented. When the product is available we plan on having a significant amount of content including tutorials, resources, screencasts, etc. This is not *your typical* open source project when it comes down to documentation smile

  8. steve

    8steve from Hobson|posted April 5 2007

    I’m very interested, can’t wait for more details, to get under the hood!  Despite the vague jargon, I’m confident you guys have the talent and motivation to make something special.


  9. Capitaine Commerce

    9Capitaine Commerce from Hobson|posted April 5 2007

    I am very impatient to see it and talk about in France

  10. mui

    10mui from Hobson|posted April 6 2007

    smile sounds & looks exciting. i’m glad that you guys gave a dateline, so at least we have something to look forward to. keep it up. very interested in having to see what you guys can offer. cheers

  11. Bryan Eisenberg

    11Bryan Eisenberg from Hobson|posted April 6 2007

    The 1 page checkout it wonderful. However, I hope you have some flexibility built in to it because many sites conversion rates actually drop from a 1 page checkout. They actually do better with 2. It actually needs to be tested. On the positive side; it is always better than the 5 or 7 steps of the other OO platform vendors. I look forward to seeing it.

  12. footrix47

    12footrix47 from Hobson|posted April 6 2007

    hi i’m from france and i’m starting my own companie.
    We are working on a revolutianary design.
    I have 2 questions :
    can we adapt easily your solution from an oscommerce
    Can we add Ajax to your system


  13. roy

    13roy from Los Angeles, CA|posted April 6 2007

    footrix47 - We plan on having import engines for osCommerce and other solutions to make migration a snap. AJAX will be widely used on the backend and certainly where it makes sense on the frontend as well. Since the frontend is 100% customizable - you can do with it as you wish.

  14. moshe

    14moshe from Los Angeles|posted April 6 2007

    Bryan - all the business logic is fully abstracted from user interface, so you can play with it as you wish to create your own checkout style. Our one page checkout will be an example of how you can do that.

  15. PowerObject!

    15PowerObject! from Hobson|posted April 6 2007

    I guess it’s based on Zend Framework ?!

  16. kennedy & kate

    16kennedy & kate from Hobson|posted April 7 2007

    Looks promising. I just signed up for your newsletter.
    What will technologies will Magento use for the front-end and back-end?


  17. roy

    17roy from Los Angeles, CA|posted April 7 2007

    PowerObject! - You called it! Magento is based on the Zend Framework. We’ll have more information regarding the technology in future posts.

  18. pinxi

    18pinxi from Hobson|posted April 16 2007

    Any ideas when this will be made available?  Are you launching a “beta” version first? What kind of license will it have?  Why are you launching this when your business is based on osC customizations?

  19. roy

    19roy from Los Angeles, CA|posted April 16 2007

    pinxi - the product will be available by the summer in just a few short months. More details on the specific date will be provided in the next few weeks. In regards to the license, it is something we are currently working on and once its finalized we will issue a post on the topic.

    Our business (Varien) is based on providing our clients the most effective open-source eCommerce solutions. With Magento’s release, we’ll be able to do so. The platform will be much stronger and powerful than any other open source product on the market. Including osCommerce.

  20. ByteDreams

    20ByteDreams from Hobson|posted May 30 2007

    I guess I’m more of a client using hosting accounts.  Although it definately sounds interesting, doesn’t sound like something I would buy, but would be welcome to see offered by my site host as a plan feature…

  21. Sean

    21Sean from Hobson|posted May 31 2007

    Sounds like a dream come true!  I look forward to seeing it.

  22. Nvidia

    22Nvidia from Hobson|posted June 29 2007

    is the project ready yet?

  23. roy

    23roy from Los Angeles, CA|posted June 29 2007

    Nvidia - the project will be ready in the next few weeks. Sign-up for our newsletter to be notified when it is released.

  24. fletsch

    24fletsch from Hobson|posted July 2 2007

    Wow. This Project sounds just great. I hope there will be a good Template Structure for individual styling in it smile

  25. Fred

    25Fred from Hobson|posted August 20 2007

    Hi Roy and the Varien Team,

    First of all, I would like to congratulate you.
    Your project sounds great.

    It is nice and seems well designed.
    In addition of that it is open source.
    All that clever people needs in order to do good IT recipes.

    I am convinced Magento is promised to a huge success.

    That is the reason why I would be interested to come on board of the Magento Project.

    I know the Magento community site will be available in the next few weeks but still do not know how can I be involved.


  26. Steve01

    26Steve01 |posted December 15 2008


    Magento is great but in order to sell my products I will need to be able to add some custom option to a bundle product, any idea if or when this option will be possible, I believe it can give a lot of flexibility to magento.


  27. Kethy Wright

    27Kethy Wright |posted July 22 2009

    Nice Blog,

  28. timm jackson

    28timm jackson |posted November 11 2009


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