Want to Learn More About Magento?  The New Site is HERE!

New Magento Site Launch!

We’ve been promising Magento blog readers that this was coming, and today, itэs finally here!  We’re excited to announce the launch of the brand new Magento site, aiming to inform and educate you about the open-source eCommerce solution that will change the way that you do business online.  We’ll be updating it often, adding new features and keeping you in the loop on the Magento Blog.  Explore, and see exactly why we think you’re going to love Magento.

Videos:  Behind Magento and Open-Source eCommerce
Meet the team and learn why open-source eCommerce offers the most flexible solution for anyone in eCommerce searching for a product that can be uniquely tailored to what they need, not the other way around.

“Feature"ing Magento
Check out the new Features section to find out just how feature-rich Magento really is.  Each section is packed with detail so you can get a good sense of all that Magento can do right out-of-the-box in Beta1 (our first upcoming release).  You’ll see many of the features that have been asked about in your comments!

A Streamlined Magento
The site also features screencaps of Magento in action.  You may notice that we’ve improved on the initial design to make Magento’s administrative usability easier and more efficient, refining the interface and concentrating on how to pack as many features in with the sleekest interface possible. This latest version is user-friendly and extensible for developers ... check out some of the features in the screenshots below.  For the rest, you’ll have to explore the new site.

See Magento's Admin in Action

See Magento's Admin in Action

Follow the Road...map
We’ve also included a Roadmap to show you where Magento will be going in the future.  If you don’t see it in the Features section, it’s probably here.

Take a look at the site to see even more new additions.  We hope you leave it as excited about Magento as we are!  Stay with us on the Magento blog as we amp up the Magento coverage with new features, site updates and previews of Magento in action. Also, keep those questions coming on in the comments… we love hearing from you, and finding out exactly what you want to see from Magento!

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User Comments

  1. Jonathan G.

    1Jonathan G. from Hobson|posted July 11 2007

    Looks awesome guys! Great job and can’t wait till August to see Magento in action.

  2. ojt

    2ojt from Hobson|posted July 12 2007

    Looking good still! Nice, clean, corporate style design. Ok, I’m off to browse feature lists, roadmaps etc. yay!

    Keep up the good work! Oh darn, just realized I’m on vacation in August wink

  3. Jonathan

    3Jonathan from Hobson|posted July 12 2007

    Very nice. Can’t wait.

  4. Jason Billingsley

    4Jason Billingsley from Hobson|posted July 12 2007

    Looking good folks. Congrats on another step forward. I’m serious, I want your UI designers on my team. smile

  5. Tate

    5Tate from Hobson|posted July 12 2007

    I’ve been following the Magento blog for some time now, and the new site is a welcome addition! I can’t wait for the final relase smile

  6. Neues von Magento » XTCommerce / eCommerce Blog

    6Neues von Magento » XTCommerce / eCommerce Blog from Hobson|posted July 12 2007

    [...] man sieht wird bei Magento hinter den Kulisen eifrig gearbeitet. Die neue Website ist mit vielen zusätzlichen Infos online. Hat jemand den [...]

  7. Allande

    7Allande from Hobson|posted July 12 2007

    I tkink to use Magento for my new project (website evolution), i wait the beta in action to decide on me…

    Many features that I wanted are or will be proposed… i must search a web agency for a design and to create “features home”..

    Sorry for my bad english!

    Great job all Magento Team !

  8. Clayton

    8Clayton from Hobson|posted July 12 2007

    I am having trouble watching the videos.  It seems it will get about a minute in then go back to the beginning of the video.

  9. Clayton

    9Clayton from Hobson|posted July 12 2007

    If anyone else is having issues with the videos, you can view them on YouTube:

  10. Thomas

    10Thomas from Hobson|posted July 12 2007

    I’m just in front to build up a complete new shop - we’ve tested a lot of systems and it seems that Magento will be quite successfull. Please give me an idea about the release - beginning of August?
    (hurry up guys...)

  11. roy

    11roy from Los Angeles, CA|posted July 12 2007

    Thanks guys for the kind words. Let us know if you run into any kinks so we can polish the dust off the site.

  12. Diarmaid

    12Diarmaid from Hobson|posted July 12 2007

    Guys the site looks sweet! and screenshots of Magento, well done. Forgive me if this seems stupid but I can’t seem to find out from the site what language the product is coded in, php? RoR?

    Keep up the fine work!

  13. roy

    13roy from Los Angeles, CA|posted July 12 2007

    Diarmaid - the product is coded in PHP (PHP5) and is based on the Zend Framework

  14. Rogier

    14Rogier from Hobson|posted July 12 2007

    Wow, this really, really looks amazing guys! Can’t wait for the first release of Magento!

  15. lightcubed

    15lightcubed from Hobson|posted July 12 2007

    Looking good.

    When do you plan on opening things up for developers to take a look at your APIs?  Would be nice to be able to hit the ground running at the same time the product is released.


  16. Carlos

    16Carlos from Hobson|posted July 12 2007

    Roy and Team,

    You guys are doing a great work, just outstanding.

    For the looks of this, you guys have in your hands the “Apache” equivalent of eCommerce.

    Two questions:

    - When the first release is out in August, will it be considered “ready for production use”, or a beta product not ready for production?

    - Will the admin portion be available in other languages too?

    Thanks, great job!

  17. Ian

    17Ian from Hobson|posted July 12 2007

    Aswell as Carlos’ question about ‘production use’, can i ask if you have any indication of cost yet? Plus also whether this system is to be run from our individual hosting servers using MySQL/PHP or is it hosted by you?

    Is it sad to be really excited about this product?

  18. Lee Wilson

    18Lee Wilson from Hobson|posted July 12 2007

    I am the owner of a web design studio that is just getting into eCommerce now, we have worked with various OS content management system but have failed to find a suitable OS ecommerce system. Really looking forward to test driving it next month.


  19. roy

    19roy from Los Angeles, CA|posted July 12 2007

    Carlos - With the new site, we’ve introduced the concept of Beta1, Beta2, Beta3. As it currently stands, the product will be in beta as we develop new features, release the product for public review (and receive feedback), and optimize / refactor. It is our intention to have a 1.0 release as soon as possible and certainly within the next few months. That said, we will develop production sites with the codebase to showcase Magento in action.

    In regards to your question about the admin, it can certainly support multiple languages. It is our intention (and we’ve made it public through the blog) to translate Magento to multiple languages. This will, however, take time and I don’t expect it to be available immediately.

    Ian - Magento is open source. You will be able to download it and install on any server you wish. Glad to hear you’re excited - we are as well smile

  20. roy

    20roy from Los Angeles, CA|posted July 12 2007

    lightcubed - Although we’d love to make the code public now, Magento is still in development. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until the code is released to try things out.

  21. lightcubed

    21lightcubed from Hobson|posted July 12 2007


    Do you have any documentation written around your classes yet that you could share or are the APIs still not finished?  It would also be interesting to see your architecture if it is documented.

    Thanks again, looking forward to seeing the product.

  22. peterclark

    22peterclark from Hobson|posted July 12 2007

    is magento based on OsCommerce or not ?

  23. lopsta

    23lopsta from Hobson|posted July 12 2007


    i hope it’s not wink
    (well, i’m very sure it’s not)

  24. roy

    24roy from Los Angeles, CA|posted July 12 2007

    peterclark - Magento is not based on osCommerce. It is a completely new (from the ground up) open source eCommerce platform.

  25. Len

    25Len from Hobson|posted July 12 2007


    Definately NOT!

    These guys have been building ecommerce systems for a few years, and using their vast knowledge and expertise are building THE ecommerce system of all time! wink

    Can’t wait!

  26. Carlos

    26Carlos from Hobson|posted July 12 2007


    In one of your previous comments you mentioned that you guys were working on a way to use Magento commerce with PHP 4. How is this going, is it going to be ready when Magento is released in August? is it part of the roadmap?

    How well will it play in “shared hosting” environments, as opposed to dedicated servers? (some sites have to start small...)


  27. Ian

    27Ian from Hobson|posted July 12 2007

    Oh geez, i have PHP 4.4.4 and mySQL 4.0.27. Will this system not work for me? Oh please don’t tell me it won’t work for me!

    One other thing, will you be allowing anyone to download and test this out, or a select few at beta...can i be included please. I have a new business to start trialing on and have experience with many carts!

  28. roy

    28roy from Los Angeles, CA|posted July 12 2007

    Carlos and Ian - we will post a knowledge base article once the product is released on how to get PHP5 (and Magento) to work on a PHP4.x hosted environment.

    Once the product is released, it will be open to all (no closed beta or anything like that from us). We know how much you are waiting and want to get it to you (as soon as possible.

  29. Ian

    29Ian from Hobson|posted July 12 2007

    Well hurry up smile

    Hope the ability to run on PHP4 isn’t going to be too challanging, as i’m on shared hosting so naturally don’t have access to change the PHP version!

    Will there be a charge for Magento? Any indication or is that top secret still wink

  30. Luke

    30Luke from Hobson|posted July 12 2007

    If this is even half as good as you’re making it out to be, I’m sold. smile I’m part of an open source ecommerce project myselft, but due to lack of time, I haven’t been able to put out much of an effort towards it. My company has been searching for a better ecommerce platform for some time now, and since my own open source project won’t be ready any time soon, I’m betting on this pony. Please don’t fail me! smile

  31. Steve

    31Steve from Hobson|posted July 12 2007

    I must say, I am really encouraged by your philosophy towards ecommerce.

    After 5 years of working in the industry it is refreshing to see a company who swear by flexibility, functionality and great visual presentation.

    I can’t wait to eventually try the solution out and I don’t think I will be disappointed.

    My hat is off to you guys and keep up the good work.

  32. DaveO

    32DaveO from Hobson|posted July 12 2007

    Rock on guys!  Looking fantastic - massive success seems imminent!

  33. roy

    33roy from Los Angeles, CA|posted July 12 2007

    Ian - Magento is open source and thus FREE smile

  34. Travis

    34Travis from Hobson|posted July 12 2007

    Congrats on the website and announced launch date guys, looks great.

    I have a question that I can’t remember being asked already:

    I was wondering if as an administrator, we would have a master password that would enable us to login to all accounts through the storefront account management?

    We’re transitioning our entire business from traditional sales to online, and will still have customers that send it POs via fax and e-mail.

    Ideally, we’d like to be able to login to their account and process their order just as they would.

    Will we be able to create a master password or view our cutomer passwords in the admin?

  35. roy

    35roy from Los Angeles, CA|posted July 12 2007

    Travis - I am not sure that a master password is in the plans. You can, however, place an order on behalf of a customer through the order manager.

    If a master password is required though, it should be very easy to implement.

  36. Fletsch

    36Fletsch from Hobson|posted July 12 2007

    Greeeeat work! I like your Vibe guys. Can’t wait to test it on my Server. smile

  37. Travis

    37Travis from Hobson|posted July 12 2007

    Thanks Roy.  That should do the job for us.

    One other question:  Are we able to add products to the catalogue and not have them display in the store or search results?

    It would be great if we could input the thousands and thousands of smaller products we have that only get ordered once in a blue moon, not have them take up space in the actual store, but be able to at least see them and their prices in the admin catalogue management. 

    It’d be a bonus if we could order those undisplayed products on behalf of the customer too.

    Can we expect anything like that in August?

    PS - If you release Magento tomorrow, I promise to stop asking these lengthy questions.  wink

  38. Ken

    38Ken from Hobson|posted July 12 2007

    I have been waiting for this day for about 3 years. I have been researching shopping carts on and off for about that long and have NEVER found one that is even close to perfect.

    Shopify is very good, but is a hosted solution.

    There are only two installable carts in existence that conform to web standards, but they are both very expensive and both are located in the UK.


    Despite that, I have purchased Tradingeye and am currently using it. It is the best I have found in regards to quality code, but lacks features right now.

    I am curious about how Magento’s code will stack up against web and accessibility standards.

    I can not believe it took so long for someone to do it right.

  39. ZIV

    39ZIV from Hobson|posted July 13 2007


    Great Expectations!

    will it work for shops that use other languages?

    Israel (Hebrew) is waiting.

    Keep up the good work!

  40. christina

    40christina from Hobson|posted July 13 2007

    Roy—You’re the CEO & are taking your precious time away from uh CEO’ing to pleasantly answer all of our questions. How cool is that?

    Just a nice - Hurray! - to you for being super cool & for answering all of this stuff. I’ve noticed that you’ve even answered some of the same questions several times over without showing even the slightest bit of irritation & that is to be commended.

    You & Magento are definately a class act - I myself (& I’m fairly certain that many of your cult following here) have never been so damned excited about an ecommerce system before.

    Truly amazing - love watching this unfold! :D

  41. jeff

    41jeff from Hobson|posted July 13 2007

    Roy, The new site is outstanding. You expressed many of my concerns with other solutions in your video. Looking forward to getting my hands on the beta.

  42. Ian

    42Ian from Hobson|posted July 13 2007

    ....just got to make sure the front-end is as good as the back-end now!!! We’ve seen a lot of the admin side, but not much of the customer side...get some pictures up, we can’t wait!!! :D

  43. roy

    43roy from Los Angeles, CA|posted July 13 2007

    First, thank you all for the kind words. It’s great getting such feedback from the community.

    Travis - A product will have multiple statuses, one of which will be inactive (or something like it). Such a product will not display on the store nor be available on the search results.

    Ken - Magento will be VERY different than Shopify, so we don’t feel there is a comparison. The features, flexibility, and merchant control are on a completely different level. In regards to web standards, the demo shop and design packages we’ll supply will always be w3c validated XHTML/CSS.

    ZIV - We intend to have Magento available in multiple languages. We’ve got over 20 languages in the plans (with people ready to help). Not Hebrew though, interested?

    Ian - Next week we’ll start posting information about the frontend. I am sure you’ll love what you see.

  44. Tina

    44Tina from Hobson|posted July 13 2007

    Goodness--this product sounds like a life saver! I have a client using shopify, one using ShopSite, and one using Joomla with the VirtueMart plugin (an absolute nightmare for customization and product options). I’ve looked everywhere for a good open source ecommerce platform.

    Now if I can just convince that VirtueMart client to switch over.... I know you’ll have conversions for OSCommerce and the larger ecommerce platforms, but will there be a less painful way to switch from one of the lesser known platforms?

  45. Nick

    45Nick from Hobson|posted July 13 2007

    "Let us know if you run into any kinks so we can polish the dust off the site.”

    Found a little dust wink
    1 - The breadcrumb links all seem to go to the homepage.

    2 - Looks like someone forgot to do a strip_slashes(); on the detail text for each image (there are slashes before all of the apostrophes).
    And to be really nit-picky… the color of the shadow on the “Submit Comment” button in the “Leave a Reply” box does not match the background just right (this one is in no way urgent, but just thought you’d like to know). grin
    I can’t wait for Magento to be released. You guys are doing an amazing thing!

  46. roy

    46roy from Los Angeles, CA|posted July 13 2007

    Nick - thanks and ... done.

    Tina - good question. We’ll have a way to import products through a csv file. I realize this is not the best solution (as I am sure orders and data exists), but for the smaller eCommerce solutions this is probably the best it’s going to get (unless the community contributes the code).

  47. Mike Wilson

    47Mike Wilson from Hobson|posted July 13 2007


    All I want to say is that I’ve been waiting on this my entire career. Thank you.


  48. Nick

    48Nick from Hobson|posted July 14 2007

    roy - More dusting…

    The footer on pages such as http://tinyurl.com/29urpt are different than those of all other pages on the site.

  49. roy

    49roy from Los Angeles, CA|posted July 14 2007

    Nick - thanks for pointing that out. Should be fine now.

  50. Ian

    50Ian from Hobson|posted July 15 2007

    Another question, will Magento have the capabilities to ‘make’ a customer sign up for an account if they select to buy a specific product? And in turn with this will there be a means to store customer credit card details within their account for access as we sell subscriptions which require us to provide the third party with their details (with the customers permission of course!). If this is possible, or can be done as an extra, i would consider it for my existing company, not just the new one. Cheers, Ian

  51. roy

    51roy from Los Angeles, CA|posted July 15 2007

    Ian - I am not sure I follow your question. If you are asking about subscriptions, we have it scheduled for Beta3 (roadmap).

  52. Nick

    52Nick from Hobson|posted July 15 2007

    Hey guys. I’ve been reading through all your information and am really excited about what you have in store for us. I even started a blog about all I could find out about Magento: http://www.selltothem.com/blog/ I can’t wait until we get to try it out in August!

  53. zoid

    53zoid from Hobson|posted July 16 2007

    I would say my most important would be security. What kind of security features will Magento have?

  54. Matt Bourne

    54Matt Bourne from Hobson|posted July 16 2007

    Here is an idea for the future I wondered if you had given this any thought - being able to set up multiple gateway accounts and assign each product to an account i.e. products 1 to 20 belong to sellerA products 21 to 40 belong to sellerB?

  55. Nick

    55Nick from Hobson|posted July 17 2007

    It would be cool if Google Analytics support was put right into it so all we have to do is enter our Analytics site Id.

  56. roy

    56roy from Los Angeles, CA|posted July 17 2007

    Matt - we’ve done this before for clients. We’ll consider it although I don’t expect such functionality to be on the roadmap anytime soon.

    Nick - I believe this is in the works.

  57. Ian

    57Ian from Hobson|posted July 17 2007

    Not sure if this has been touched on, but is SEO going to be included from the off, i.e. instead of a product url being http://www.mydomain.com/index?=ref=product1450%2-9 it would be http://www.mydomain.com/plasma-television/panasonic-th42 etc? This is absolutely critical to any shopping cart, plus w3c compliance helps also smile

  58. roy

    58roy from Los Angeles, CA|posted July 18 2007

    Ian - search engine friendly URLs are supported. We also expect the layouts to be w3c standards compliant.

  59. Bo

    59Bo from Hobson|posted July 18 2007

    This looks really outstanding.

    Quick question.  We do B2B sales - will their be a way to manually activate customer accounts, so you can set their customer level (i.e wholesale/distributor) before they can view pricing?

  60. Ian

    60Ian from Hobson|posted July 19 2007

    Yeah, as Bo said, want to be able to provide trade customers with cheaper prices, but only see them once they log in, they only see standard pricing before!

  61. roy

    61roy from Los Angeles, CA|posted July 19 2007

    Bo and Ian - A manual way of activating an account is on the roadmap for a future release.

  62. lia Roozendaal

    62lia Roozendaal from Hobson|posted July 20 2007

    Magento you look fab!

    I am a web designer with a small ecommerce client.  We were/are ready to go with Shopify when I discovered Magento, it looks so terrific feature wise that I may want my client to consider waiting a little longer for Magento. My question is in regards to the design packages.  We have a design ready to go.  Will it be possible to use our custom design or are we restricted to Magento’s design packages?  Any news on the pricing structure of the design packages?  Will there be portability from Shopify to Magento?

  63. christina

    63christina from Hobson|posted July 23 2007

    roy..one more thing to possibly dust. The roadmap page is looking a little wonky in Opera - the copyright info has migrated up to the top of the main content & covers the content’s style (the main content has the footer’s gray bkg with the dotted border on top). Haven’t dug much into it, but thought you might want to. (All of the other pages seem to render correctly in Opera)

  64. roy

    64roy from Los Angeles, CA|posted July 23 2007

    lia - You can certainly use your custom design. Layouts will be completely flexible. The product is open source, so you’ll be able to download it for free and fully customize the layout and functionality.In regards to portability from Shopify, I expect such functionality to be available in the future.

  65. Thomas

    65Thomas from Hobson|posted July 23 2007

    Can I use Magento as a real store system after the release? Many developer recommend to wait for a stable system. But I don’t want to wait any longer - I will go online a.s.a.p. with our new store in germany and with Magento!

  66. roy

    66roy from Los Angeles, CA|posted July 23 2007

    Thomas - I would have to agree with the developers smile I would wait until a stable and production level system is released before using Magento in a production environment.

  67. Danny

    67Danny from Hobson|posted July 24 2007

    Will it be possible to use MAGENTO as an mp3-download-shop like musicload for example?

  68. roy

    68roy from Los Angeles, CA|posted July 24 2007

    Danny - yes, once virtual products will be supported. The roadmap page has more info on dates and timing.

  69. John

    69John from Hobson|posted July 25 2007

    I just stumbled upon this yesterday. How did I miss it? Anyway, it looks really promising. Nice work!

    Any chance of some more detailed info about the separation of code and design?

  70. roy

    70roy from Los Angeles, CA|posted July 25 2007

    Thanks John. We’ll try to get some documentation posted as soon as possible, but unfortunately, this may take some time.

  71. Mark

    71Mark from Hobson|posted August 4 2007

    > Will it be possible to use MAGENTO
    > as an mp3-download-shop like
    > musicload for example?

    Furthemore, will Magento have the ability to track previous downloads so returning customers are not presented with already-downloaded media again? Or does the Magento team envisage this sort of functionality to be provided by 3rd party plugin/widget development?

    I am interested in whether Magento can be used to deliver digital media on a signup basis allowing the customer to be billed ongoing (without their need to return to the site each week), and a new digital product be delivered straight to the email inbox weekly (i.e. a new product being one which hasn’t been downloaded before).

  72. roy

    72roy from Los Angeles, CA|posted August 5 2007

    Mark - I don’t expect such functionality to be available out-of-the-box. Perhaps a community contribution will exist in the future.

  73. Remco van der Meulen

    73Remco van der Meulen from Hobson|posted August 7 2007

    Would it be possible to start a chatlink devoted to payment methodes. We use a P(ayment)S(ervice)P(rovider) european based and it would be a good help if we could start planning and thinking about how to intergrate a european PSP plus internally managed banktransfer ect.

    How much freedom, I would guess full, do we have in managing the database. Design tables, exports ect.

  74. roy

    74roy from Los Angeles, CA|posted August 7 2007

    Remco - we’ll have local chats in the next few weeks. Magento is open source so you have complete freedom to modify everything you wish.

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