Videos from the Paris eCommerce Conference

At the Paris eCommerce Conference this week, we had the pleasure of speaking with Smile, a Magento Gold Partner and the leading open source consultancy in France. Smile presented a session on open source eCommerce evaluating a number of solutions which drew a big crowd. Long story short, Magento took the top honors and came out as the standout product. Following this session, Daniel Broche, CEO of (one of the largest eCommerce sites in France) and SQLI, a Magento platinum partner, presented a session that explored's decision to use Magento for their next generation eCommerce site (expected to launch in Nov. 2008). Short Interview with Smile (English)
Yoram Elalouf (Varien) and Frédéric de Gombert (Smile)

Short Interview with Smile (French)
Yoram Elalouf (Varien) and Frédéric de Gombert (Smile)

We also took a few minutes to speak with none other then Magento's French Commmunity Moderator, Sebastian L. (AKA SeL). SeL has been an instrumental part of the community and we are truly grateful for his efforts.

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  1. Smile

    1Smile |posted September 26 2008

    Don’t let me talk in english anymore Yoram… Or you will have to include subtitles smile

    By the way, it was a real pleasure to meet you guys!

  2. RoyRubin

    2RoyRubin from Los Angeles, CA|posted September 26 2008

    You sounded great! Wait until you hear me speak French smile

  3. Yoram

    3Yoram |posted September 26 2008

    Next time i’m in Paris we will have a longer interview smile

  4. SeL

    4SeL from Paris, France|posted September 29 2008


    It was noisy…

    I wrote a report about the meeting in the following post.

    See you soon guys !

  5. daniel broche

    5daniel broche from Toulouse|posted September 29 2008

    Thanks for the highlight

    In fact we intend more to lauch our new version in november
    Anyway this is a great project !

    I took picture after the conference:

    Please note that my blog url is (I have some difficulties to tranfer through Google...)

  6. RoyRubin

    6RoyRubin from Los Angeles, CA|posted September 29 2008

    Thanks for commenting Daniel. The post has been updated.

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