Video: URL Rewrites in Magento

In this video, Yoav discusses one of the most important features of Search Engine Optimization, URL rewrites. Below the video, we’ve included a screenshot that shows the database table related to this feature (click to enlarge).


UPDATE: The release referenced in the video may be pushed back to next week.

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  1. Johan

    1Johan from Sweden|posted November 1 2007

    Looking forward to try out the new solution.

    I’m sure it will be way better than the old one. smile

  2. haciendadad

    2haciendadad |posted November 1 2007

    I’d like to see URLs that look like directories too.


    Of course, if it isn’t too much extra work.

  3. i960

    3i960 from Bakersfield, CA|posted November 1 2007

    I was wondering how SEO URL’s would be handled in Magento.  This looks like a fantastic way to do it.  Good job!

  4. Moshe

    4Moshe from Los Angeles|posted November 1 2007

    @haciendadad: the screenshot is clickable smile

  5. Ross

    5Ross from Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK|posted November 2 2007

    Glad to hear you have come up with a flexible solution.  Thanks for being so responsive to the community input.

  6. Andre

    6Andre from Mongolia|posted November 2 2007

    Thoroughly looking forward to the next release with the SEO URL functionality. This means that we will be starting to work properly with the Magento system as a company and test it properly! Many thanks go out to all the Magento team!

    Congrats Moshe, Roy, Yoav and the crew!

  7. winans_fred

    7winans_fred |posted November 2 2007

    Nice.  Armed with Starbucks, Yoav shares his wisdom with the group.  Thanks, guys!

  8. Joe

    8Joe |posted November 2 2007


    At what time today is scheduled the update?

    Thanks, Joe.

  9. Joe

    9Joe |posted November 2 2007


    Ah, just saw the Update note from below.

    Looking forward to the update that is set for next week smile

    Thanks, Joe.

  10. YoavKutner

    10YoavKutner |posted November 3 2007

    @dsgnfred - actually it is Coffee Bean wink

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