Video: State of Magento in the Spanish Market

Earlier this week we had the pleasure speaking with Martí Manent, president of the Spanish Association of eCommerce and Relational Marketing (and CEO of a large Spanish online bookstore - The Spanish market is ripe with opportunity and according to a survey presented in the European eCommerce Conference - more than 50 percent of Internet users in Spain will make an online purchase by 2011 (there are 20 million internet users today which represent 43 percent of population). In the video, Martin talks about the role of the Spanish Association of eCommerce and Magento’s bright future in the Spanish market.

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  1. mikeinspain

    1mikeinspain from Alicante, Spain|posted October 24 2008

    Cool interview..  A bit short though..

    Great to hear some news and views from Spain especially as I live in the country.  With my appalling lack of español, I guess some stuff just whizzes on by!!  grin

    Roy there is also huge EXPAT market in countries such as Spain with the language being the main barrier for some.  Having a product like Magento certainly is a huge help when it comes to catering for both markets.

    In my very humble opinion, the potential in Spain is huge, however the hard part is getting persons/clients/business to believe in E-Commerce.  Most of what I have seen has been poor in terms of design and structure, which I think detracts from great work of some other companies that are now profiting for having an online presence and store.


  2. RoyRubin

    2RoyRubin from Los Angeles, CA|posted October 24 2008

    @mikeinspain - work is actively being done by different associations with a stake in the growth of eCommerce in Spain. It’s exciting to see their passion and commitment to move things forward. I very much agree in the potential and look forward to seeing the growth.

  3. LesF

    3LesF |posted October 25 2008

    Great interview Roy (agree it was a bit short). It is nice to see the multi-language support.

    Keep at it!

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