Video: Security, Permission Roles, Encryption, PA-DSS and Logging in the Magento Enterprise Edition

The Magento Enterprise Edition subscription is the premier product for a safe, secure and flexible E-Commerce platform.

Security is crucial for E-Commerce, and with the Magento Enterprise Edition you can restrict access and define roles for the back office so that data is viewable to administrators only for the stores relevant to them.  Granular Access Control Levels let you define exactly what each administrator can do and see. In a multi-store-retailing environment, you can limit access for each website and store. Only relevant information appears on each user’s screen and all administrator actions are logged so you have a way to monitor the activity.

Track and review all actions taken by administrator users, with the ability to see views, edits and deletions of information. Logs are associated to specific administrator users, with the ability to see the action taken, when it was made, and more. New reports give you a complete audit trail of who did what, when and why. All actions in the backend are logged with information that includes , IP address, the affected module, the action taken, and if that action was a success. Older entries are automatically moved to archive. Search and Sort reporting allows more fine grained examination of the activity logs.

Additional encryption and security standards have been made available in the Magento Enterprise Edition to support PA-DSS industry standards making Magento a secure solution for both yourself and your customers and ensuring piece of mind when it comes to the online shopping experience. In the Magento Enterprise Edition customer information, such as passwords and credit cards are encrypted using PA-DSS industry standard algorithms. To ensure security on the backend, the Magento Enterprise Edition keeps records of previous administrator passwords and requires admins to chose alternative passwords to their previously selected ones, making sure admins are always using updated passwords. The Magento Enterprise Edition will also lock admin accounts after a number of failed login attempts in order to prevent fraudulent access to sensitive information. These security features both for users and administrators, enable an overall safe, secure and comfortable online shopping experience.

The Magento Enterprise Edition subscription, offering an innovative and secure online shopping experience.

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