Video: Quickly Create Products and Attributes

Magento’s next release will feature the ability to add simple products and attributes directly through a configurable product. In this video, we create a new configurable product and present this time-saving functionality. Please note that we also expect to add the ability to copy configurable product data to a newly create simple product, making data entry a snap.


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  1. Ross

    1Ross from Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK|posted February 29 2008

    Great to see some improvements to the configurable products.  This feature will help, but I must admit I was hoping to see something that would generate a number of products automatically based of just a minimal amount of data.

    Also, is it possible to duplicate a product from this screen (and will the duplicate bug be fixed).

    Hope I’m not sounding ungrateful, I think the Magento team are all doing a super job!

  2. iguru

    2iguru from Děčín, Czech Republic|posted March 1 2008

    Waw. It’s great! When we get this nice gift?

  3. YoavKutner

    3YoavKutner |posted March 1 2008

    @Ross - The way this was implemented you only need to enter the required data for the simple product. We have plans to improve on this even more but I am not sure it will make it into the first stable release.

    The duplicate product bug should be fixed for the next release.



  4. roskolnikov

    4roskolnikov from Caribbean|posted March 2 2008

    Good stuff guys keep it rollling!

  5. gordon

    5gordon |posted March 3 2008

    nice features keep coming in, Thanks!

  6. foojativ

    6foojativ |posted March 3 2008

    Wow that was confusing! Too many screens, tabs, attributes, etc. Lucky magento is open source because i wouldn’t pay for it. I guess it’s the same as any other open source product - you get what you pay for. In this case a confusing user interface and clunky layout.

  7. Ross

    7Ross from Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK|posted March 3 2008

    @foojativ - I think if you actually try Magento you will see that it bucks the trend of poor quality opensource software, and is actually a lot better designed that most commercial solutions (any I have seen).

  8. Ron Seigel

    8Ron Seigel from Ottawa, ON|posted March 3 2008


    I was wondering when one of HPDL’s trolls would finally show up from OSC.  rolleyes Thanks for the laugh…

  9. roskolnikov

    9roskolnikov from Caribbean|posted March 3 2008

    @foojativ maybe your brain isn’t complicated enough to keep up - OSC troll

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