Video: Google Checkout is Coming …

Magento’s next release will include integration with Google Checkout (level 2). In the first video, we go through the process from a customers perspective, completing the purchase using Google Checkout. The second video shows the invoicing process once an order has been received in the Google Checkout merchant account.

Video - Google Checkout, Customer Process

Video - Google Checkout, Admin Process

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  1. WebAddict

    1WebAddict from Chandler, AZ|posted February 14 2008

    This is so exciting, I can’t wait for the first Release Candidate of Magento 1.0

  2. BryGuy

    2BryGuy |posted February 14 2008

    Can someone change the build number of this release to RC 1.0 ?!?!?


    Outstanding job folks.

  3. petertufan

    3petertufan from Ashburn, VA|posted February 14 2008

    I have been waiting for this for like ... forever ... - hooray finally here .. now back to testing the new 0.8.16100

    Peter Tufan

  4. indigo

    4indigo |posted February 14 2008

    Awesome! This is what we need to start testing!

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