Video: Creating Multiple Online Storefronts (Part 2)

In a blog post from earlier this week, we covered how to create a completely separate website to be managed from one Magento installation.  In this video we focus on the creation of multiple stores within the same website.  The actions performed in this second video can be carried out completely within the Magento admin, without the need to create folders or modify any physical files.  A second store is added to the main website sharing the catalog structure.  A third store is added to the main website with a different category structure.  We show how to add or modify store views, as well as changing the logo.

These steps were carried out and recorded on the 0.9.17740 version of Magento:

  • Step 1:  Creating a new store in the Magento store manager
  • Step 2:  Setting the root category of the new store
  • Step 3:  Creating store views for this new store
  • Step 4:  Updating the logo

We also show you the category structure, and product relationships between the stores sharing a root category, and the third store (which has a separate root category).  Enjoy!


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User Comments

  1. TheRec

    1TheRec from Lausanne, Switzerland|posted March 22 2008

    Thanks for this video. I kinda miss the previous vidoes, few months ago, when there was audio commentary, it was easier to follow and understand.
    But those are still very useful, great work. smile

  2. Dori Disc

    2Dori Disc from Israel|posted March 26 2008

    I thought I had a problem with the sound on my comp.....

  3. dell

    3dell |posted March 26 2008

    Why not a third video showing how to assign custom themes to the multiple store fronts.  Seems the way of doing that has changed and may be different for multiple domains v/s stores in the same main website.  Would be most helpful to those of us with multiple stores.

  4. NoStress Commerce

    4NoStress Commerce from Prag, Czech republic|posted March 28 2008

    is it possible to setup independent shopping carts for a few stores under one website?

  5. johannes

    5johannes |posted April 3 2008

    @ arecuk:  At this time it is not possible to do this - data sharing (sessioning, accounts etc) can only be separated between websites, not stores under websites.

  6. faloco

    6faloco |posted July 21 2008

    after adding a new store with a diferrent root category, when I click on the new categories I got an 404 error. Does anyone knows about it?

  7. Planetjoin

    7Planetjoin |posted August 1 2008


    Very good videos !
    This shop is really the best i know ! smile
    I have some questions regarding the multi-storefronts, maybe somebody can help me smile

    we can “split” the shop in many sub shops as we want.. in the same domain or in other domain names. that is OK and GREAT !
    but.. is possible create some kind of “sub-user” or “vendor-user” with limited rights to publish categories and products in their own sub-shops ?

    Example :
    MAIN STORE -->
    SUBSITE/STORE 1 ---> offering the products or services of vendor1
    SUBSITE/STORE 2 ---> offering the products or services of vendor2

    maybe the complicated can be the payment methods for the final user.
    The best way can be with 2 options :
    1 - each vendor can use his own payment methods (i think more complicated)
    2 - the vendors only publish his items, and all the payments pass trhough the admin using the main payment methods set in the main store configuration.

    Any knows if this is possible or someboy think in some plugin for this ?


  8. nnetfabio

    8nnetfabio |posted November 6 2008

    Hi, I did exactly what the video shows but I get an error when I try to access the category defined in the second store. The steps I did are the following:
    1. creation of new root category, “My root catalog”
    2. creation of a new subcategory “Wine” inside “My root catalog”
    3. creation of product inside “Wine” subcategory
    2. creation of a new store within the same website “my store” selecting “My root catalog”
    3. creation of a new store view for “my store”
    If I access the main store everything works. If I select “my store” I can see the “Wine” sub category. If I click on “wine” link I get 404 error and magento redirect to the main store. Any suggestion to solve this problem?

  9. royaleshops

    9royaleshops |posted November 19 2008

    have same problem as nnetfabio !
    clicking on links gives error
    everything looks right (logo and link urls)

  10. David Sedeño

    10David Sedeño |posted December 18 2008

    Same problem here with the 404 error… Any solution?

  11. mimizhao

    11mimizhao |posted January 21 2009

    I followed the video and also created sub catalogs under the new root catalog.  Then added products to the sub catalogs. When I clicked on the sub catalog for my store, I got the 404 error too.  What was the issue?  Could someone help me to figure out what I did wrong?

  12. CD Salmons

    12CD Salmons |posted February 6 2009

    Can anyone tell me if I can use addon or sub domains with this method? Thanks, Dustin

  13. rjmartino

    13rjmartino |posted May 31 2009

    johannes - Thanks for the video! Magento will only survive if we’ve got a great community that other developers can lean on… I hope other follow your lead.

  14. micah7

    14micah7 |posted June 16 2009

    I have to second the addon or subdomain question… or better yet can i use a totally different domain all together?

  15. Martinlee

    15Martinlee |posted October 6 2009

    great post.

  16. Martinlee

    16Martinlee |posted October 6 2009

    nice article.

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