Version 1.1 Public Alpha Available via SVN

The Version 1.1 Alpha release is now available through SVN.

The list of Magento Version 1.1 upcoming features that we discussed earlier is detailed here with the specifics of what is now in the Alpha branch:

1. Admin UI improvements

2. Web Services API: The Catalog API and Customers API are available now. The Orders API and documentation on the API’s is coming soon.

3. Virtual Products

4. Custom Defined Product Options: At this time the checkout changes to support these products is not complete.

5. Bundled Products: At this time the shopping cart and checkout changes to support these products is not complete.

6. Improved support for EU and Canadian taxes

7. New customer attributes such as prefix and suffix, D.O.B etc...

8. Magento system messages bar added to admin

Please note that these features are still in development and are not for use in a production environment.

There are also additional smaller features and bug fixes available in the 1.1 trunk, please keep an eye on the list in STATUS.txt in the 1.1 branch root folder.

We greatly appreciate your feedback and suggestions in this forum topic.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Priorities can change and features may be moved to later releases. We know how important these features are to merchants, but we advise you to not make any serious business decisions based on an unreleased feature. Varien does reserve the right to change this list, and cannot assume responsibility for any loss that might come from a late or unreleased feature.

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User Comments

  1. mytechfactory

    1mytechfactory from New York, NY|posted June 13 2008

    Wow, we asked for a trunk, and we get a trunk!

    This is why the community loves Magento and the Varien Team.

  2. Alexis Bellido

    2Alexis Bellido |posted June 13 2008

    Just to confirm, for those not too familiar with SVN, this is the command to get 1.1 from the repository:

    svn checkout

    It would be good if you’d update the post with this.

    Regards and congratulations!

  3. smithers

    3smithers |posted June 13 2008

    Just a heads up for anyone waiting for the final release of Magento 1.1 before checking it out… I just attempted the install on my Media Temple account and found that the new version requires MySQL 4.1.20.  The web interface for setting up databases at my host only allows 4.1.11.  So, if you are thinking about the 1.1 upgrade you may want to take the time between this alpha and the final release to research options for upgrading your database.

  4. Thierry S.

    4Thierry S. from Paris|posted June 13 2008

    nice one !  I’m going to check in out now.

  5. Ross

    5Ross from Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK|posted June 13 2008

    Great!  Thanks again for listening to the community.  I think keeping the development work visible like this will help keep the quality top-notch.

    Where and how would you like feedback regarding the 1.1alpha?  (there is no ‘1.1-alpha’ for bug reports, but perhaps a discussion forum would be a better alternative)

  6. markf

    6markf |posted June 13 2008

    Great news!  I am very eager to try this release out, however, I have never used SVN before.  Is there a tutorial or primer on this anywhere on the site?  I am willing to do a fresh install if thats the easiest but I’m not sure thats an option?  Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

  7. Alexis Bellido

    7Alexis Bellido |posted June 13 2008

    Hey Markf, the best resource for SVN is the official book: , it’s free to download or read online and you don’t need to read all of it if you don’t want to, there’s a quickstart chapter with most of what you may need.

  8. Michael

    8Michael |posted June 13 2008

    @Ross: We appreciate your feedback in forum topic.
    There’s no 1.1.x.whatever version in bug tracker as the features listed above are still being developed at the moment and are not ready to be tested yet.

  9. cinemaduro

    9cinemaduro from North Carolina, USA|posted June 13 2008

    When you say “Custom Defined Product Options” what do you mean? Will a user be able to input their own custom text for a product? If so, that will be great!

  10. markf

    10markf |posted June 13 2008

    @cinemaduro - yes that is exactly what it is.  I have been playing around with it and its simpley awesome.  we sell custom signs so we really needed this feature in order to move forward with magento.  here is a working example of a test product i set up in 2 minutes :

  11. peterw83

    11peterw83 |posted June 13 2008

    Does this Alpha 1.1 release include the performance enhancements?  I don’t see it explicitly mentioned.

  12. markf

    12markf |posted June 13 2008

    @peterw83 - i didnt see it mentioned, but i can tell you, yes, major improvements.  mine used to pause a few seconds when first loading the home page. now its fast and consistent.  no lag smile

  13. cinemaduro

    13cinemaduro from North Carolina, USA|posted June 13 2008

    @markf - thanks for the link, that’s exactly what I need for a website I’m getting ready to start.

  14. Christophe Le Bot

    14Christophe Le Bot from France|posted June 13 2008

    We have already tested all of the new features. It’s a very good job. With only an alpha release!

    It’s a very important step for our Magento projects. Now we can really use Magento for the European stores. Special thanks for the performance enhancements.

  15. dahu

    15dahu from Bordeaux (France)|posted June 16 2008

    very nice, but no sample data 1.1 ?

  16. ecommerce-store

    16ecommerce-store from Roma|posted June 17 2008

    where can i keep a zip file for installetion of 1.1 ? No one have created it?

  17. Darsh

    17Darsh |posted June 28 2008

    Great Perfect timing for my Project. Good Work Guys.
    As Shannon says “Happy E-Commerce”

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