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  1. Gabriiiel

    1Gabriiiel from France - Paris|posted June 6 2008

    Congrats, Vlad smile

  2. sim2k

    2sim2k from Sulzbach / Nähe Stuttgart|posted June 7 2008

    wow - this shop is superfast!!

    do you have modified the magento core code?


  3. sim2k

    3sim2k from Sulzbach / Nähe Stuttgart|posted June 7 2008

    i think its usable for production - if you compare it to the default speed - there has to be some improvements…

  4. UltraFlux

    4UltraFlux |posted June 7 2008

    superfast?  rolleyes  I think not, at least the design is good cool hmm

  5. jowuo

    5jowuo from spain, almussafes|posted June 7 2008

    ohmy god, the default admin is still active. shock

  6. Gabriiiel

    6Gabriiiel from France - Paris|posted June 8 2008

    The store isn’t finished yet wink

  7. vladexodus

    7vladexodus |posted June 9 2008

    Thank you guys..I am honored to be featured on here!  grin
    A couple of tweeks def. helped with the speed..Im changing the site hourly so keep checking back wink

  8. kusi7kusi7

    8kusi7kusi7 |posted June 11 2008

    nice one.
    but the this page is really bad:

  9. MarthaMcG

    9MarthaMcG |posted June 11 2008

    Thanks for posting… You’ll want to fix the “All Rights Reserved” at bottom. It’s currently a LINK, and DEAD. Also kill the parentheses. smile

  10. from Huntsville, AL|posted July 30 2008

    Glad to know your site is listed up here. It is well deserved.

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