Top-10 Most Popular Magento Extensions This Week (Jan 31 - Feb. 5)

This week, we’re recognizing members of our developer community by showcasing the week’s top-10 most popular extensions.  Thousands of Magento users come to the Connect marketplace every day, and these ten extensions were the ones that came out on top for this week.  Congrats to the developers below! 

1.  WYSIWYG Editor (by Fontis)
This extension gives you the option to add a JavaScript WYSIWYG editor to specified admin page text areas

2.  Blog Extension ( by aheadWorks)
Fully featured blog extension for Magento

3.  Flash Gallery ‘Flip’ and the new extension ‘CMS Content-Editor (by muc1)
A flash gallery extension with CMS-editing capabilities

4.  Enhanced Admin Products Grid (by nel)
Adds customizable features to the products grid.

5.  Free CMS/Block Frontend Features (by Asia Connect Group)
Dynamic block solution, which allows you to put HTML content to any position within a Magento storefront.

6.  Magento Absolute Theme (by TemplatesMaster)
A free professional Magento theme

7.  FreePOP Theme (by Mage-World)
A simple and clear theme, especially good for merchants selling CDs, DVDs, Music, Movies, etc..

8.  Magento Easy Lightbox (by TemplatesMaster)
Quickly Installs a lightbox widget in under 5 minutes.

9.  Fooman Speedster (by Fooman)
Speeds up your store by reworking how Magento handles the loading of JavaScript and CSS

10. Exploded Menu (by Raptor Commerce)
Replaces the standard single column drop down with a multi-column dropdown featuring 2nd and 3rd level menu items

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