The Recycled Retriever on Magento


The Recycled Retriever on Magento

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  1. sdb

    1sdb from coastal California, USA|posted August 18 2008

    looks great! their view all products button doesn’t work (it only shows 1 thing)

  2. Ata Asgari

    2Ata Asgari from Dubai, UAE|posted August 18 2008

    Very Nice but pages are loading with long delay (upto 8 seconds on my 10mbps connection), maybe pages are not cached yet.

  3. turnon

    3turnon |posted August 19 2008

    Very nice clean website.

    Question which software is installed for the blog ?

  4. jackstraw

    4jackstraw from Carbondale,Colorado|posted August 19 2008

    Top 3 of the stuff I have seen thus far.  Nicely done!  The site is actually quite fast on my end.


  5. MS-DOS_1991

    5MS-DOS_1991 from France|posted August 19 2008

    @ turnon : That would be WordPress, although they could have mentionned it somewhere (in the blog footer for example)… at least have they kept the tag “generator” in the source code wink

  6. markf

    6markf |posted August 19 2008

    It’s also slow for me.  I clicked on a featured product and it took 10.37 seconds to load the page.  (I have a very fast cable modem)

    Completely unacceptable.  No page should EVER take more than 2-3 seconds to load.  Your will have high abandonment rates with speeds like this.

    Very nice design though…

  7. Dustin

    7Dustin from Columbus, OH|posted August 19 2008

    Very nice design.

    Pages loaded within seconds for me. No delay anywhere on the site.

  8. osubuckii

    8osubuckii |posted August 19 2008

    Thank you all for the kind words and help with catching any error on our site.  We’ve only been launched for about a month, so any feedback is helpful.

    I’m not sure why some users are having an issue with the pages loading, as we’ve tested it on our end as well.  The only thing that I can think of is that since our page was posted to the Magento blog, we have had over 400 visits and 21,000 hits.  All this in less than 12 hours.  So there may be a lot of users on the site at the same time.  We’ll continue to monitor this as we definitely don’t want anyone abandoning the site.

    Now we just need to spread the word and get people shopping for great eco-friendly pet products!!!

    Thanks again!
    The Recycled Retriever

  9. [m] zentrale

    9[m] zentrale from Stuttgart, Germany|posted August 21 2008


    nice design but offline at the moment - internal server error :(!


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