Ten reasons to take the Fundamentals of Magento Development course this fall:


Fundamentals of Magento Development teaches developers the architecture, terminology, and core functionality of Magento, along with best practices of extending the platform. There are countless reasons for you to take this course, but the top ten are:

10. Clarify and capitalize on what you may have learned in the video version of this live class.

9. Receive a printed copy of the course presentation.

8. Review and receive copies of solutions for the course exercises.

7. Get personalized, one-on-one assistance completing course exercises.

6. Get answers to questions that may pertain to your specific use case.

5. Engage with other students and learn from the experiences they share with the class.

4. Receive instruction tailored to the specific needs of students in the class.

3. Spend five days of focused, uninterrupted time learning Magento development.

2. Learn from the source: Magento trained experts with years of experience.

1. Prepare for the Magento Developer Certification exam and get ready to jumpstart your career.


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