Template Path Hints Tutorial Video

Magento Community member, stevewar, recently posted a tutorial video reviewing Magento’s template path hints (embedded below):

If you’d like to make a request for additional tutorial videos, please follow this forum thread.

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  1. straumacher

    1straumacher |posted May 27 2008

    Thanks Stevewar!

    I missed it completely. Nice feature!


  2. Nick Weisser

    2Nick Weisser from Zurich, Switzerland|posted June 2 2008

    Very useful, in dead!

  3. eitai2001

    3eitai2001 from Johannesburg, South Africa|posted August 23 2008

    I don’t have that template pack option under debug, but I upgraded my Magento to V1.1.3 ... how do I get it?

  4. Matt Dean

    4Matt Dean |posted September 4 2008

    eitai2001 - Are you sure you’ve changed the ‘Current Configuration Scope’ to a particular site (eg: ‘Main Website’) rather than ‘Default Config’? If not the options won’t be there.  Before I found this video I had the same problem trying to find the ‘Template Path Hints’ option in the admin interface.

    At first I thought it might be a version issue too (as things have moved from time to time) but I’m on 1.13 and it’s working here.

    I’m sure there’s a good reason for the option not being available when ‘Default Config’ is selected but I’m damned if I know what it is smile

  5. eitai2001

    5eitai2001 from Johannesburg, South Africa|posted September 4 2008

    Sorted smile Thanks

  6. Josh Mormann

    6Josh Mormann |posted November 19 2008

    Completely awesome!


  7. winner100

    7winner100 |posted April 20 2009

    Matt Dean thx for advice smile

  8. cheekygeek

    8cheekygeek |posted April 30 2009

    This tutorial is great, as far as it goes, but it doesn’t explain the Magento cache involvement in this process.

  9. digitalacorn

    9digitalacorn |posted July 19 2009

    This is great..... but....
    I’m trying to find where the ‘shipping’ price is summarised on the cart display, and in the checkout summary. And this system doesn’t seem to go deep enough. The template references a page called “/checkout/onepage/review/”

    I need to reformat this as I want to say postage is ‘included’ rather than ‘0.00’

    many thanks,


  10. mahmud03

    10mahmud03 |posted July 30 2009

    this is really great!

    Thanks a lot

  11. ofilmizle

    11ofilmizle |posted October 17 2009

    thats really great ty

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